Blood of Olympus Alternative Ending

For the competition


1. Percy

That was it. The war with the Gaia was over.

Would the camps ever recover? No, probably not. Lives had been lost, imperial gold wounds received and a family destroyed. 

As Percy sat with Annabeth on top of a hill, he could see the purple of the Roman flags waving in the breeze. She sighed.

'Hey, what's up?' Asked Percy, noticing the shine in her eyes.

'Nothing. It's's all gone.'

That much was true. The bond between the camps had shattered, thanks to Octavian's betrayal. He had interpreted the prophecy as meaning that one of Apollo's descendants would win glory.  He had moved against the Camp Half Blood just before the treaty that would let them work together in the war was to be signed.

The only way for them to win after that was for Leo to sacrifice himself. All Percy could hope for was that he had made it back to Ogygia.

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