Blood of Olympus Alternative Ending

For the competition


5. Leo

They were home, and everything was better.

 Leo had rescued Calypso from her island. She had been waiting for him at the shoreline, like she had knew all along that he was coming. They had embraced, him with his ruined clothes and her, Grecian finery and all.

 Of course, they had to make an entrance. The fireworks had, of course, been Calypso's idea, but their entrance on Festus was Leo's idea.

 Of all of the campers, Leo worried the most for Percy. He had been avoiding them since their return, perhaps out of guilt for the way in which he had left Calypso. Not that she had any hard feelings. She was settling in well to her new life at camp and seemed to be getting along well with the pegasi.

 All was well.

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