In the shadows

When darkness strikes there is always people there to save the day. The best superheores arent always the ones we see. Sometimes there the ones hiding in the shadows. MeetCharley she may seem ordinary but he is one of a team of many crime fighting heroes saving the day in New York city. Along with her team they will have save the world from evil.


3. This ends here

It had been weeks since the had defeated Jack. All of them were much happier and knew the town was safer as the gem had been relocated. Jack was never the same his team had left him yet he still goes on. He hopes to prove his former team wrong and show everybody he can do it. His mission defeat the Shadows.

They where all currently in there appartment  when the lights began acting up.

"What's going on?" Lewis said unsure of what was happening.

"It's just the lights" Cal assured. The flickered one last time before the whole electricty system cut out.

"What do we do now?"  Charley asked. The room stayed silent until the tv went on and Jacks face appeared on screen.

"Hi you may not know this but there is a team of mutants who  are evil and if they don't come forward before midnight this will be the last you ever see of this world." Lewis turned the tv of with the switch of a button. The only thing running through all there minds at the moment was would they give up their identities to save the world and be hated forever.


Everybody in the city stood staring at Jack on the stage. all of them hoped that they would come forward so the world wouldn't face an end. Time was slowly running out. The Shadow had still no idea what to do.


Slowly the walked through the crowd avoiding people. In a split second they had to make the choice.

Jack had spotted them in the crowd and shouted.

"One minute left" The time was going away fast and the thing the dreaded the most was coming true.  All of them came on the the stage.

                           "It's us"Charley said turning round to see dissapointment in everybodys eyes. For one second Charley caught the eye of her parents but they walked away. A slow ticking noise was still present in the background.

They all turned in shock and seeing Jack had a smirk one his face they realised what had happened.  Charley grabbed they boys hands and looked at them.

"We save the world or die trying and thats what we will do" Charley looked at the ground tears forming in her eyes and waitied for it to be over with.

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