In the shadows

When darkness strikes there is always people there to save the day. The best superheores arent always the ones we see. Sometimes there the ones hiding in the shadows. MeetCharley she may seem ordinary but he is one of a team of many crime fighting heroes saving the day in New York city. Along with her team they will have save the world from evil.


2. The endless fight

 Charley's P.O.V

It's hard trying to pretend to be somebody youre not. We all fight crime and try to keep the bad guys at bay. While trying to be normal people but there is one guy who would risk anything to make sure we were known  about. Jack.


If we had told our parents friends about our abilities we would probably be abandoned. They only want perfect. I'm just not good enough. Having to lie to anybody is one thing but when youre constantly lying to your parents afraid you'll slip up and the truth will come out it's hard.


Cal's P.O.V

Fighting crime was the reason we where living. It was really the line between being normal and having powers that kept us sane. If there was no crime we wouldn't be us.


Third persons P.OV

Charley and the rerst of her team had heard the Jack and his gang where back. Which only meant one thing , they where here to steal a rare and pricless gem that could bring power to anybody. We where there to make sure it didn't get in the wrong hands i.e Jacks.


Alex was hid behind a large box in the corner listening for foot steps coming his way but it wasn't until Jack had tapped the glass any of them had heard him.Alex had signalled the others and they all came out of the shadows to face Jack and his crew.

With no word spoken Jack walked to the gem until he stopped. He took a look around the room to see only 3 members Cal,lewis and Alex. He knew something was up but he kept on going slowly taking the lid of the case the gem was in. This was short lived as the gem had flown out the box away from him.

"Hey" He shouted.

"Want this?" Charley shouted back. The look on his face spoke more than words. Charley slowly put the gem back in its container and disappeared into the shadows with her team. jack went to reach for the gem when the door burst open.

"Hands up" As the lights went on Jack and his team only saw the police making there way towards them.


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