In the shadows

When darkness strikes there is always people there to save the day. The best superheores arent always the ones we see. Sometimes there the ones hiding in the shadows. MeetCharley she may seem ordinary but he is one of a team of many crime fighting heroes saving the day in New York city. Along with her team they will have save the world from evil.


1. Superheroes

In todays world most superheroes are known to the public fighting crime when ever needed be it day or night.

Not all superheroes are like that , some of them hide in the shadows.


Meet Charley, Alex,Cal and Lewis.

They may all seem ordinary but each of them are different abilities.

Charley - Telekinesis (mind control)

Alex - Half human/Werewolf hybrid

Lewis - Pyrokinesis (Control of fire with mind)

and Cal - Elasticity

and they are all part of the shadows.


You may not know them but they fight crime in the shadows saving New York city on a daily basis. They stay in the shadows fighting in the dark hoping nobody will ever catch a glimpse of them.



In a world where image means everything.  Will they keep their powers a secret even if it means the end of the world itself?



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