The angel that left

" Am I that easy to forget?"


1. Prologue


When I was little I knew a boy named Harry Styles, you may know who it is. We went in the same class at the same school, we were neighbors and always played together. No one could seperate us, we were best friends. We knew each other inside and out. Suddenly one day he went away, he didn't say anything about where he was going but he promised to stay in touch. 

Autumn came and I turned on the TV, there he was. He had gone to join the X-factor. I tried to call him every day, but no answer. After a while I couldn't bear to look at x-factor anymore, it was too hard to see his happy face on stage with his new best friends, I stopped calling him because I knew he wouldn't answer me anyway. 

Now two years later I'm 18, Harry hasn't called me once after he left, and there isn't a day without me thinking of him. 
The school is terrible but I've managed to get myself two friends, not as good friends as Harry but friends. Ashley and Nikki, we do everything together, parties, shopping and girl nights. But that's not the same as the evenings I had with Harry. If only I could talk to him before I left this planet.

Author's note

Hey, I would really appreciate it if you tried to read this fanfiction, it would mean so much. Love you.

Jenny Xx

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