The angel that left

" Am I that easy to forget?"


6. Chapter 5.


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Zoe's Pov.


When I woke up the next day I was suddenly in my bed and I felt two strong arms around my waist. I figured it was Harry who had brought me up last night when I fell asleep. I turned to look at Harry. Finally after two years, I got him back, how could I’ve been so lucky, Harry has finally come back. I got up slowly as not to wake him and went into my bathroom. It was completely silent throughout the house cause veryone was probaly asleep.


When I came into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, I jumped. WOW that face was bad I thought and studied my face. My mascara was all over my face and my hair stood to all sides, it was the  remeber  what happened yesterday when we saw the movie. I pushed the thoughts at the far back in my head and took off my clothes, I jumped into the shower, showered my hair with my new strawberry shampoo and conditioner and washed my face.


After I showered, I jumped out and dried myself, I blow dried my hair and put it up in a messy bun, I took out my pearl pink silk pajamas from Victoria's Secret that my mum gave me for Christmas the past year. The time was only 8:30 am so it was still early. I put on my glasses and my Ugg slippers. Because mum often is away I often get gifts from where she has been so that's why I've pretty much brand clothes, I don’t really need it but my mom buys it so I use it. I found my pink eos and my cell phone and went downstairs.


I fired up the fireplace and started with breakfast. "Okay, we’rw six persons so I make pancakes, eggs and bacon and rolls" I said to myself and started with the pancakes. When I was finished with everything I put it down at the table. The time was now 8:45 am and I decided to paint my nails, since they were so ugly now.


I ran into the bathroom to find my bright pink Essie nail polish and ran back down. I sat down and painted nails. An hour later, I heard someone coming down the stairs, I turned around and there stood Louis.


"I smell pancakes" he said and yawned, he came up to me and gave me a hug. "Good morningen love" he said. "Good morningen Lou" I said and sat down. "Did you sleep well?" I asked him. He nodded "Yes but at two or three  Niall began talking about food in his sleep so I woke up, but I fell asleep again after that" he said and giggled. I giggled slightly and responded with a 'Good'.


A few minutes later everyone was awake and we sat and ate breakfast. "This is the world's best pancakes ever" Niall said with his mouth full of food. "Thank you, it's Harry who taught me the recipe" I said and smiled up at Harry, he looked over at me and smiled a small smile.


"So what are you guys going to do today?" I asked the boys and began to wash up. "I don’t know yet, we can go to little ice-cream bar twenty minutes away from here," said Harry, and everyone said yes. "Will you come too Zoe?" Asked Zayn. "If it's okay," I replied, and washed up all the plates. "Of course Zo, we leave in about an hour" Said Harry and started helping me with the dishes.


When we had finished the dishes, I ran up to get dressed. It was pretty cold so I decided to put something warm on. I decided to put on my 'boyfriend' jeans, a thick sweater and a scarf. For accessories I put two gold heart earrings with a small diamond in the middle and a bracelet.  I got the earrings from my dad just before he died so they mean a lot to me. I found some black shoes, and sprayed some Coco Chanel perfume on. I took  a little eyeliner and mascara on and ran downstairs.




Harry's Pov.


Zoe came running down the stairs and looked absolutely gorgeous. She only had on regular clothes but she was lovely. How is it possible that a girl is so gorgeous. "Shall we go then," said Zo and looked like the old her again, the happy and bubbly girl. "Yes," we answered and began to walk.


"Oh shit, I forgot my wallet, I’ll just run to pick it up, just go I’ll come after you" she said after we had gone about ten minutes, and began to turn. "No Zo, I'll pay for you I" I said and she smiled but shook her head. "No Harry, mum left some money for me before she went" she said and looked at me. "Zo please, let me pay the ice for you" I asked her. She has always been the stubborn girl who never gave up, or allow others to buy her something. "Okay Harry but just this once" she gave in and we began to move forward again.


"Finally inside" Niall cried, and ran to the ice disk followed by us. "What do you want?" Asked the old lady at the cashier us, the boys ordered their own and then it was my turn. "A chocolate scoop and a pistachio scoop for her," I said, pointing to Zo. Zoe smiled up at me. The lady behind the disk gave Zoe her ice-cream. "And what about you young man?" She asked me. "One with chocolate and one with strawberries for me please" I said and got my ice-cream.


When we sat down with the other Zoe gave me a hug and said "Thanks for the ice-cream Harry, I didn’t think you'd remember my favorite flavors" and chuckled. "It wasn’t much Zo. You know we were here  every summer before so it's no wonder I remember it, I think even if I become senile, I will remember it" I said, and she began to laugh.


The rest of the day went away in a hurry and I couldn’t take my eyes away from the gorgeous girl Zoe. It was then I realized I'm starting to fall for her.


I would do anything to be her everything.


Authors note.

Hey, I'm actually a little proud of this chapter hope you like it. Love you. Jenny Xx



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