The angel that left

" Am I that easy to forget?"


4. Chapter 3.


Harry's Pov.


We finally finished the concert do not take me wrong, I love to hold concerts it's just that it's nice to be done with it, especially when it’s in your hometown. When the fans went home we were told by Paul that we should go, we went out another door then tha fans, It was th back door. I've been to this bar a thousand of times so I can memorize the whole place. We walked out the door and was greeted by the cold autumn air. After walking a few meters I heard someone clear a throat and a voice say:


"Am I that easy to forget?"


There was’t any noraml voice it was the voice I have longed to hear for two years now, the voice of the girl I trusted the most in the world, the voice of the girl who knew me better than I knew myself. It was the voice of Zoe, the voice of my best friend.

All five of us turned quickly around and there she was standing three feet away from me, it had to be her.


"Zoe is that you?" I asked the girl in front of me and looked into her eyes. She was much thinner and has dyed her hair brown, the last time I saw Zoe, she was blonde and had short hair, now she have brown and log hair. "Yes Harry it's me," she answered me and smiled a small smile, I felt four pairs of eyes staring at me while I looked at Zoe, she was so different.


Zoe's Pov.


"Am I that easy to forget Harry? I thought we were best friends, you promised to keep in touch when you left but you didn’t, do you know how hard it has been for me the past few years? "I asked my best friend if I could call him that as a tear rolled down my cheek. Four pairs of eyes looked at us while we were talking, I relased it was his band mates eyes that were watching us.


"No Zoe, I haven’t forgotten about you, there hasn’t been a day that I hasn’t been thinking about you, it's just that the stupid management decided that we had to delete all the contacts on our phone, we had to delete all communication with everyone else outside the family, because then they ment we should be safe. Zoe, you're my best friend, how could you think I'd forgotten about you, " said Harry, and I heard his voice crack at the end, I looked up at him and saw tears rolling down his face. I believed a hundred percent on what Harry said when I saw tears running down his face.


I ran to him and he opened his arms, I jumped on him and took my legs around his waist while he gave me the world's biggest hug. "I missed you so much Harry, I can’t believe you're back" I cried into his neck. "Zo Aw I missed you more, it’s because of you I have come here this weekend, I had to meet you again, I've been crazy because I haven’t seen you in so long," he said, and I raised my head and looked at him. "I'm glad I got to meet you again Harry" I said and jumped down from his arms, "I'm glad I got to meet you again too Zo" Harry smiled and gave me a hug. Harry has always called me 'Zo' instead of 'Zoe' why? I do not know.


It was first now I remembered the four boys stood there and watched us. I had completely forgotten they were here. "Oh yes, Zo this this is my band mates" Harry said and pushed me over to them.


"So you're the girl Zoe, Harry has talked so much about. Nice to meet you Zoe I'm Liam "the boy with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes said. "Hey Liam I'm Zoe" I said, and saluted him.


"Hey, I'm Niall, nice to meet you Love" said the blond blue-eyed boy and hugged me, "Hey" I said as he hugged me.


"Zayn, lovely to finally meet you Darlin '" said the boy with dark hair and greeted me. "Hey Zayn" I said, and greeted him back.


"I'm Louis and it is an honor to finally get to meet you Zoe, I can’t wait to get to know you better. Harry has told so much about you. "Said the last boy with brown hair and blue-green eyes. I looked over at Harry and saw him blush a little, I grinned and gave Louis a hug. "Nice to meet you Louis" I said and walked over to Harry.


"Have you a place to sleep while you're here, Mom is gone so you can come home with me" I asked Harry and I took my coat tightly against me. "We’re staying at a hotel but we’ll coming with you instead,  it’s nicer" said Harry and the others nodded. "Okay, come with me then" I smiled.


When we got home I told how anyone could sleep, Harry would sleep with me and it was perfectly fine with me, Louis and Niall decided to sleep in my mom's room while Liam and Zayn decided the guest room. Right now we’re sitting down in the living room with the TV on but noone is paying attention, we just sit and talk. I know Harry thinks I've changed I'm no longer the crazy and bubbly girl I was when he left, I had changed after he left I made changes to the hair, began with more makeup. I became depressed and was no longer as happy as before. I saw that Harry noticed it, but luckily he didn’t ask anything about it ......yet.


A few hours later and the clock was 11:00 pm we ordered pizza cause Niall insisted on it and we have all started to know each other better. As we talked Harry asked the question I didn’t want to answer, but knew I had to.


"What happened to you Zo? You aren’t the happy and bubbly girl I left two years ago." When harry asked this question everyone was quiet and stared at us.


"Pain change people Harry" I said and looked straight into his eyes, so he knew I was telling him the truth.



Authors note.

Hey my beautifull readers, I’ve managed to update today, it’s sunday and tomorrow it’s school….. anyway I really hope you like the chapter. I don’t know when I’m gonna update next time cause I’m going camping with my class tuesday to wedensday, and next weekend I’m going to my friend, but I’m gonna try to update soon. Remeber leave a comment, favorie and like if you want. Love you. Jenny Xx.  

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