The angel that left

" Am I that easy to forget?"


3. Chapter 2.


Zoe's Pov.


Yes, finally friday was the first thing I thought when I stood up, when I saw myself in the mirror this morning, I suddenly  remembered that today is the day he comes back, Harry, my Harry is coming today.

Right now I'm on my way to the cafeteria to meet Ash and Nikki, after that day I and Isabelle made ​​the scene in the cafeteria hasn’t Isabella or the popular gang talked with me, I am afraid that  they do not talk now because suddenly  they’re gonna do something to me unexpectedly. I pushed the thoughts to the back of my head when I sat down at the table where Ash and Nikki are.


"Hey, gurl" they both say and give a sympathetic look, I'm quite sure I look like a witch with big circles under the eyes. "Did you get the tickets yet?" Asked Nikki while she took a big bite of her Sandwiches. Ever since I found out that Harry were coming, I have tried to find tickets, I've been up late at night to find the tickets but they are sold out everywhere. "No, and I'm not going to find any either, the concert is tonight" I say back and eat my food.

"I’ll just go there and wait outside when the concert are finished and try to meet him then" I said, while I pack my things before going to the math class.


----- school is finished -----


"Goodbye Zoe, good luck tonight" said Nikki and gave me a hug. "Thank you Nikki" I said as I hugged her. "Zoe please go and sleep a bit before you try to find him, I don’t think Harry will believe it's you if you look like a witch" Ash laughed as she hugged me. "HA HA very funny" I said with sarcasm and started walking. "Bye" I shouted and waved to them.


"Hey Zoe, I’m going to Paris with my job today, you remember right?" I hear my mom say from the kitchen when I took off my shoes. "Yes, of course," I lied and went in the kitchen where she was.

"I'm going to take a nap I’m really tired right now so have a good time in Paris, do not do anything illegal when you’re in Paris" I said to her and gave her a big hug. "Hahaha, you never know what I will do" she said only joking.


"Bring a handsome Frenchman home" I shouted to her as I walked up the stairs. "Yes, we’ll see" she shouted back. "Mom, I love you be careful" I shouted and she answerd with a ’I love you’. Me and my mom has always been close, five years ago  Dad died and then we became closer and closer for each day. Mom was in a way a new Harry after he left, I stared to tell her everything and now we know each other inside and out. I couldn’t ask for a better mum.


---- 4 hours later ----


I woke up from my nap and looked at the clock 7:30 pm "Oh shit, one hour till the concert is finished and I have to be there" I said to myself, and went into the bathroom. I took a warm shower, jumped out of the shower and blowdried my hair. I put a black blouse with white collar on with some white jeans and my black boots with a little heel. I braided my long brown hair in a long fishtail braid and put on a little eyeliner, mascara, and a little brown eyeshadow. The time was now 7:55 and I sprayed a bit of my 'Daisy' perfume I got from Harry the day he left. I took out my cell phone and ran down the stair and put my gray coat on. It's fall so it's pretty cold outside.


I ran down the street until I heard loud music, I’ve been here many times before so I know where the back door is and know that all who hold a concert here goes out there because there aren’t any fans there. I ran to the back door to wait there, is  8:20 and I decided to play a little on the phone while I waited.


After I finished my round six of subway surfers the music stopped playing, and I heard someone speak into the microphone inside, it was him, Harry spoke inside. Two years have passed since I heard the voice last time and he sounds like before, my mouth was curving into a smile but went away quickly when I heard all the girls screaming. I looked around the corner of the bar and the fans began to exit from the bar. I heard a door open behind me and I turn around quickly, and there where  five boys and the last of them is Harry, my heart starts pounding fast when I saw him. None of them saw me, but it's now or never I took a step forward cleared my throat and said:


"Am I that easy to forget?"


Authors note:

Hey guys, It saturday the best day of the week. I'm not sure when I can update next time fuse I have really much to do the next week. I'm starting with an update tomorrow but I don't think I'll finish it tomorrow. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Please like, favorite and leave a comment if it is something. Love you all so much. Jenny Xx

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