The angel that left

" Am I that easy to forget?"


2. Chapter 1.


Zoe's Pov.

I run down the school corridor to catch the first lesson of the day, history. I reach the door when the bell rings, when I walk inn to the room it's only one empty chair left, I sit down on the empty chair and to my luck Lucas the school's asshole sits next to me.

"Hey Zoe" Lucas said with a smirk placed on his face, while I reach into the bag to find my history book and my pencil case. He and the others in the popular gang have always enjoyed piking on me, I have no idea what I did to them, they just love to tease me.

"Hey Lucas," I said back with a sigh, without looking at him.

"How are you and Harry?" he ask me, I hear Isabella from his gang giggle behind me with some of the other girls in the class.

"Please do not talk to me" I say a little rudely. I hear him laugh and when I turn to look at him he rolls his eyes.

Every time someone begins to talk about Harry to me, I want to just hide far inside a closet and cry, and 'the popular gang' knows it, that's why they always talk about him when they know I can hear them. Everyone knows I miss him and that no one could not separate us, when we were little. So every time Lucas and his gang had the chance they started to talk about Harry, something they know I hate.

The history lesson passed quickly, the next hour is French and then it's lunch, yes!! Then I can finally meet Nikki and Ashley. I went to the french lesson and sat down in the front. Behind me sat of course Isabella and her friends. "Sara did you know that One Direction are coming Cheshire, they will visit where Harry lived before, and they will hold a concert at the local bar, but don't say anything to Zoe, I want Harry, and if she know he's coming back she's going to get him, so do not say anything "my heart stopped when I heard her say it. Harry is coming back, my Harry, my Harry is coming back. I must meet him, whether he has forgotten me or not, I have to meet him.


"Hey Zoe" I heard Nikki shout at me when I walked into the cafeteria, I found my food and sat down with her​​. "Hey" I said as I sat down. "Sorry I'm late" I heard Ashley say, I turned around to where she stood. "Hey Ash" I said and gave her a hug. We sat and ate and talked  Suddenly Nikki stares behind me and says "Oh no here comes the school's bitch" I turned to see Isabella walking toward us.

"Hey, girls," she said with a fake smile, I role my eyes at her. "Zoe, I'm so sorry for everything I did to you the last few years, I know it's been hard for you after Harry left, I just want to say I'm sorry, please forgive me?" she asks me, I roll my eyes. "No, never in the world" I say and start to walk away from the table. Ash and Nikki stares at me while I go, I know Isabella is just doing this to get closer to Harry. "But I know so much about you" she cries as she runs towards me and takes my hand. That's the thing about Isabella she thinks she knows everyone, and everyone wants to be friends with her. But the truth is she doesn't know a single person at this school and everyone want's to hang out with her because she's 'popular'.  

I take my hand quickly away and turn around so I look her in the eye and say "You do not know me at all and never will," and with that I walk out of the cafeteria. We created a scene so everyone is staring at me while I walked out of the cafeteria.

I run home, I can not stand it anymore. this popular gang is killing me, why can't they see I hate them. I unlock the door and run up the stairs and into my room and hope everything just disappears.

Why Harry, why did you leave without keeping in touch, I think. 

I found my computer to try finding out when Harry is comes to back.


*One Direction heading home to Harrys old home town to hold a concert at the local bar, this weekend * i saw and it was all I needed to know, now I only have to get tickets and meet up so I get to meet my old best friend again.


Athours note

Hey This is the first chapter, hope you liked it, I really hope you will favorite and like this story. Please leave a comment if it's something. Love you. Jenny Xx

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