Deadly infatuation.

Eva is a not so normal girl, with interactions to the dead that torment her, congratulate her, love her and thank her. But she also isn't a typical teen socially either. She is a messenger for both worlds yet when one boy enters her life he devours both worlds. Will he make a new one or destroy the little world she has left?


2. The new arrival


Jackson is the name of the boy I had my first 'thing' with, where were like a couple but weren't yet there? if you understand what I mean. What was holding us back was distance. He lived in London and I in Birmingham. We added each other from a game in steam. It was just a random add, where we talked in Garry's Mod and had a laugh, eventually we were kicked from being AFK for too long, due to the continuous conversation in the steam chat. We had eventually ditched the game and he so smoothly asked 'So..Skype name, please?' and we talked. From that day on we talked everyday for days, weeks, months. We had gotten so close I didn't want anyone else to take my they didn't. By 'they' I mean the spirits that bother me everyday, whilst talking to him there were no dead people tapping my shoulder or crying dead babies in a ghostly cot in my room, not with Jackson. He seemed to be my saviour, my hero. In fact he was my hero! He saved me from such depression, so many nights of tears, screams, where my mother had to cradle me most nights when I broke down at the spirits, some not so kind. They messed with my head but some caused hassle and shook my whole room which my mother saved me from. They stopped...I talked to Jackson, when there were spirits he always seemed to be awake or at least he woke with my messages. I would tell him I am scared or upset, he of course asked why but I just said 'the secret' and he would understand. I didn't tell him, I didn't want to scare him off so I just said it's something I can't explain not to anyone. He was the boy my heart depended on and he didn't betray my heart at any time. He's the one it fluttered for, the one I got butterflies when webcamming or talking or seeing a 'good morning cutie' message from.

You can imagine I was thrilled when his mother had a home business and said they had to move from London to Birmingham. Jackson and I had met a few times for a day out and it was honestly the best outings I had in a while. But the bugger didn't tell me did he? 


It was a Monday morning, birds annoyingly happy and singing stupid tunes. The sun blaring a heavenly light that I just wanted to block out and the loud banging of what seems to be a loading truck, yay. Wait...a loading truck? I suddenly shot up like I had been given a sudden shot of energy towards my window "what the bloody hell?" My mother strolled into the room and just looked at me "new neighbors, my little genius" she said as she rubbed her hand in my hair shaking my head. I swatted her hand away and looked back to the new family, who had a dog. Great. "Oh god, they have a dog! mum!" My mother laughed from sitting on the edge of my bed and shook her head whilst doing so. "Dog equals noise. I am not happy...oh god. MUM! It's one of the yappy ones!" My mother stood up shaking her head once more heading towards my door, when she had arrived at the doorway she turned to see her nosey daughter still staring "Get dressed you, you'll be late otherwise" I rolled my eyes and looked for my uniform, oh a skirt...great. I put on my uniform and grabbed my bag with my horribly bulky blazer slung over my shoulder with everyone seeing my nicely defining jumper. What? If there is a teen-aged boy, he might be cute! I headed to the car with my mom following, we waved to the new neighbours and my mom said she'd be back to welcome them in 10 minutes and they smiled in response. They seem nice.

I arrived at school walking by myself then suddenly being attacked as Chandler and Kelly jumped at me grabbing my shoulders. Scaring the devil out of me. "BLOODY hell you flipping idiots!" I screamed the first word then when regaining balance quietened my annoyance. Kelly was walking awfully chirpy. New gossip I think. I took one look at the both of them who were staring at me with a pep in their step "All right, spill it." I moodily said as Kelly burst out whilst jumping slightly as we ventured to our form room "THERE IS A NEW BOY!" I rolled my eyes at her and turned to Chandler who just said "Probably not as cute as me" He said whilst winking at me, causing me to laugh I admit. "Ok in your dreams sweety" I said whilst tapping his cheek twice. I gave him an 'innocent' smile then turned forward "I hear his name is Jack" I came to attention as I heard the new neighbor shout that name before me and mum left, must be my new neighbor. "Oh that's cool, Kell" she skipped along and we arrived at our classroom. The door was open which was weird, Mr Platen never opened the door for us before the bell or even when he wasn't there. SO what was so special we got in form room early? I seen a herd of people surrounding this one desk, but me, Kell and Chandler just sat at our three seats at the back left of the room furthest from the front of the class and the door, my two friends let me sit by the window as they know my tendency to look out when I am upset or distant. I happened to just stare out the window, I answered my name on the register and turned from the girls giggling, nudging, whispering and smiling whilst twirling a string of hair in their fingers over this new boy Jackson. 

The bell had gone and I raced to my first class which was English, it was Literature which I liked. We got our analogies out of our bags and went to the poem 'flag'. I loved these lessons as we got to annotate poems, I tried to ignore the sudden spirits appearing preaching their love for their countries around me "GOD LOVE AMERICA" Said a proud american from next to the teacher. "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!" preached a British woman gleaming with pride. I ignored them all and annotated the poems, cursing the fact I could never get the poet to appear when I need them when I was stuck for ideas, that was when I looked to Chandler who was also a sucker for annotating poems and we worked together. That new kid wasn't here which means if I come across him this is the lesson so far to gossip if need be. The lesson went quicker than I expected. Which made me a little despondent but I didn't mind as Biology was next. 

I said my farewell to Chandler who had chemistry and strode down the hallways, suddenly feeling a pep in my own step but I think it's because a nice song came over the radio on my phone, there was a crowd again coming towards the door which I avoided by speed walking to the classroom. My teacher Mrs Winters let me in to take my seat at the back but I was then followed by the herd of what is meant to be my class but looked like a bunch of fangirls finding a one direction member. I could barely pick out the new boy, so I gave up trying. Mrs Winters instructed everyone to take their seat and telling the new boy to sit at the front so she can keep an eye on his learning patterns, with that he sat down. He looks tall, he's cute from the little face I seen. Black hair and had it spiked which suited him, it looked a bit like Derek Hale's hair (teen wolf character) well he looked like the younger version of this character if I am honest. The lesson had begun and Mrs Winters began to teach biology basics I took this chance to try and see this new boy. Something about him intrigued me...I couldn't put my finger on it. 

It was half way through the lesson and we finished a topic, Mrs Winters let us all have the rest of the lesson to make revision notes on the topic, so I got A3 white paper and my pencil case out of my bag and made mind maps. Mrs Winters called me to her desk to congratulate me on getting an A* on the biology test, I smiled "Thank you, miss" she nodded approval and I knew I could take my test paper and return to my desk. She went through all the test papers with the students, the dumb girls who spend their 'study time' texting guys and the guys playing their xbox rather than simply revising. They took about 5 minutes and majority had to attend a booster class to retake it. She called the new boy to her desk and I heard my name so I looked up to see Mrs Winters pointing at me asking me to come back after school. "May I ask why, miss?" Some of the boys made the owl sound of "ooooooooooo" trying to make something out of nothing, Mrs Winters scowled at them to quieten them (which worked may I add) and returned to eye contact "It's just to go through the test with Mr Bayley here and catch him up with what we've done, would you mind doing that for me as I have a meeting you see" I smiled and nodded "I'm fine with that" She smiled appreciation and I looked up to see the boy smiling at me, I smiled back at first then I saw his face properly, he looks like someone I know...but he turned his face away as he returned to his seat. It might sound weird but I need to get a good look at his face. I was snapped out of my day dreaming to hear the bell, the class looked at the teacher for her approval to run out like a heard of wild animals to lunch to leave me and the new guy in the classroom with two of the slutty girls. I packed my books and notes away in my bag, I was thinking of approaching the new guy to get a look at his face and hear his voice but then Chloe and Sandra got to him first so I walked out of the classroom to go meet Kelly and Chandler. I was walking down the hall then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I sighed and turned around expecting it to be one of the assholes pulling a reception child trick but found the new guy standing behind me smirking. Let me say...WOW. I got a good look at his face and he was hot. Black hair, slightly messy but suited him well, Deep Blue eyes with different shades of blue that glistened slightly, his nose was actually adorable, small like a button nose almost and his lips were perfect...He cleared his throat and I snapped back into reality "When you've finished checking me out are you going to say hi?" Then it hit me like a tonne of bricks "JACKSON!" The voice was undeniable, it was him! He laughed with a giant smile on his face. I flung my arms around his neck and he hugged me, picking me up so I kicked my legs in the air, my bag dropped to the floor which he picked up for me when he put me down like a true gentleman. I blushed slightly as I realized people were looking, I hooked arms with him and walked with him to the lunch area. "Why didn't you tell me!" I exclaimed as I nudged him in his side causing him to smirk and look at me. Oh his eyes are so much better in person...Stop it eva! No. I shook my head a little bit and Jackson picked up on it. He gave me a confused look "what?" I gave him a questioning look like I had no idea "Nothing." He smiled which caused me to melt a little inside, his smile is amazing! "You shook your head, admiring my eyes, huh?" He said whilst winking at me with his seducing smirk "Don't smirk at me like that, Mr Bayley!" I said frowning at him. He shot me an innocent look and I giggled without realising, as soon as it slipped I stopped it as I hate giggling really girly but I can't help it around Jackson... We arrived at the table and Chandler shot his head up to me then to Jackson, shooting daggers then returning to look at me. Kelly just gawped at Jackson which he seen, so he smirked at me causing me to frown again. He always called me adorable when I'm mad or when I frown which he knows annoys me. "So...who's your friend." Shot chandler, not asking a question but in a flat tone. "This is Jackson, the new guy" I said and Kelly squeaked and giggled, such a girly flirter. I rolled my eyes and she laughed at me, she always does that. "Hi" said Jackson confidently which caused Chandler to scowl slightly but then he...smiled? What's up with him? Chandler put his hand out to engage Jackson in a hand shake "Sup, bud?" I nudged Chandler with my foot and smirked at him as he knows I hate that word. He turned to me and laughed then winked at me. I felt Jackson stiffen a little beside me, is he...jealous? 

Lunch was over and school ended closely after, I met Jackson at registration then we left class together. "I am walking you home!" said Jackson from beside me, I frowned at him but he just smirked and grabbed my hand pulling me from where I stubbornly stopped. I got butterflies from when he grabbed my hand because next thing I knew we were walking whilst holding hands. "You're walking like you know where I live! have you been stalking me again, Mr Jackson Bayley?" He turned to me laugh then said "Only everyday, sweetie" he said whilst winking and his seductive smirk. Oh god its a deadly pair because it makes me get butterflies all over again. I laughed at him and walked beside him, I am a 10 minute walk from school and I reached my house, we stood at the end of my path. I stopped Jackson and turned him to face me. "Do you know where to go from here?" He smiled then replied "I can see my house from here" He said smirking, I smiled but then asked a question that has been on my mind since I seen him at school "Why didn't you tell me?" He looked me straight in the eye and said "I wanted it to be a surprise, sweetpea" an uncontrollable smile came across my face as he calls me sweet pea in the most adorable way. I gave him a final hug then sent him on his way "ok go, your mom will be worried if you're too late" He smiled then walked away, I walked slowly up my path and looked over to see him walking parallel to me up to...HE'S MY NEW NEIGHBOR? I had a look of surprise and it caused him to laugh, I ran to him and practically jumped on him, he opened his arms to catch me and I wrapped my leg around him and we stayed like that for half a minute, I dropped down to see him smiling back at me. 


SO...That's the day my life started to change, my first real crush and the miracle of him moving in next door to me. This is where the story starts to get a little bit...cute but could be ruined by a dramatic truth...


AUTHOR NOTE: I haven't gone through this yet, hope you like it! Sorry in advance if I don't post or update for a while.

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