Deadly infatuation.

Eva is a not so normal girl, with interactions to the dead that torment her, congratulate her, love her and thank her. But she also isn't a typical teen socially either. She is a messenger for both worlds yet when one boy enters her life he devours both worlds. Will he make a new one or destroy the little world she has left?


1. Sudden shock.

I woke up to sudden sun blaring through my window "ooh mum!" I moan as I cover my eyes with the protection of my quilt "No. Come on, get your bottom out of that bed. You're actually going to see the sun this week" I take my cover off my face and slam my arms beside my hips whilst glaring at my mother who stood over me waiting. Waiting for me to get some motivation to see the outside world I always feared as a child, always hated growing up because no where I looked was without a sign of death somewhere. Heck even at Disney world, well I am lucky I guess I got to see the man himself! Not one of my 'highlight braggers' as my best friend Chloe always says.

I jumped out of bed putting on capital to listen to my favourite people who actually make this anti-morning person smile. That is one aspect of myself you've learnt within a couple seconds, well done not many people get that privilege. I think it's time to introduce myself, isn't it?

Hi. My name is Eva, short for Evangeline. My full name is Evangeline Amore Birkinsons, I am a brunette, 5,7 ft with emerald green eyes. I have been told I have a fairly defined face by dead and living admirers. I am a size 12, I am happy with my weight I'd say as I keep in shape...sometimes. I am lazy, apparently I am funny, sarcy, cute and good with getting my own way. I usually stay in and game on my computer, a proper one where I can run great games but I tend to play garry's mod with the steam gaming platform. I do well in school, I have many friends yet no friends at all. If you don't understand what I mean, you may later on. I am not good with people when I am upset, mad, angry (yes there is a difference with me...major difference) or just in a general unsociable mood.

"Eva, darling. Please will you get that bottom out of bed!" I turn to glare at her then check the time. 8:30! on a Saturday. a Saturday... "MUM!she just huffs and strides out of the room leaving me in a cranky mess in my double bed. I rub my eyes vigorously in hope it'll wake me up a little bit, I then sit up and drag my legs over the edge giving me a couple seconds to go into more of a human mode for the day ahead. 

I walk over to my wardrobe and pull out some dark blue skinny genes, a t-shirt with a collage of London things on it e.g. London bus, Big Ben etc... along with my black leather jacket and Black suede boots that click and clack like heals. I like the noises what can I say? I grab my usual white pouch that I bought whilst in Spain with my dad, grabbed my iPhone 5, purse, headphones and sunglasses then headed downstairs.

"Right I'm here, what do you want me to do." My mum turns with a bowl and spoon "eat something, first please. Missy." I hate when she calls me that, feels so demanding. I sigh and sludge into the kitchen, feet dragging on the floor and pouring myself some Krave cereal, red box. After I had munched all the krave in the bowl I held it out for her inspection with a slight bit of attitude and a raised eyebrow as if to say 'are you happy now?' She gave the nod of approval and I dumped it in the sink then headed to the car. She shouted from the kitchen "I just need to peg the washing out it looks like it's going to be a nice day!" she bellowed as she got quieter from exiting to the garden. Great. That's another 15 minutes I could of had in bed, gone like that. 

I run to the car and get comfortable, waiting for my mother to grace us with her presence. Oh, I forgot to mention yes I do have a brother, elder brother. 19, also brunette except he has blue eyes rather than green. He's a pain in the arse I tell you that now except he is not in the car with me right now. The only other explanation as to why I feel eyes staring at the back of my head is some unfortunate little soul. I am on about the next door neighbours daughter who died during the night. I sat there tapping my foot and bobbing my head at 'all about that bass' on capitol, sitting here so casually. 'how can you be so casual with a dead girl in your car?' that's like asking a person with a cut on their leg 'how are you handling bleeding so well?' some just adapt and put on a brave face.

"Where's my mummy?" I turned in my seat to face the tragically cute girl in the back seat, I knew how she died. instantly there and then, by just looking her directly in the eyes I saw her death. Painless, quick and painless to ease your questions. She died dreaming, of Disney land with her family as her parents knew she was dying so they treated her to a trip to anywhere she wanted. She died dreaming, dreaming happy. She has been ill for a long time ans tragically died during the night, she had problems with an organ (I can't interpret information so clearly sometimes, only if the spirit themselves understand their predicament clearly. Unfortunately this poor girl didn't understand what was wrong with her...or why her parents were crying when they thought she wasn't looking) "Hey Kira, your mummy is at work sweet pea" I talked to Kira and found out she liked that nickname, so I thought it might help ease her a little. "Oh..." She looked down to the little cuddly elephant plushie in her lap that she hugged during the night she died. "I think she's home in 3 hours, you look tired! go get some rest sweet pea so you're all energised to welcome mummy home!" She looked up and smiled whilst nodding enthusiastically. With that, she was gone. I turned in my seat to face forward again and sighed at the unfortunate despair that yet again surrounds this street, it's like it's cursed or something, or all the spirits just come to this street to see me. Fuck.

My mother bounded along the path and towards the car, plonking herself in the drivers seat, turning up the radio then starting the engine beginning our journey to...where ever she is taking me.

Along the drive I stared out the window, at all the normal people and spirits walking freely by each other like that's the real world. Not just two worlds mashed together, lapsing over one another with the specific few with the ability to see both, just kind of walking in the middle. 

I was interrupted from my trance of the outside world but my mother asking a rather sudden question "have you got a boyfriend?" I turned to her instantly, examining her face for an explanation but she stayed still as stone out the front window. My face lacking an expression I look to the radio whilst replying "No." then looking out the window again, there was silence for a couple seconds that felt like 5 minutes when my mum has responded "Oh...I just thought 'cause, well I've seen you smiling more often and looking at your phone a lot more often...I just thought because of jackso..." she trailed off leaving the 'son' off of his name. The car was silent as I visited the deadly terrain of memories but still my face cold like a weeping angel. Straight and still. Boyfriends are a touchy subject because I only ever had one boyfriend in my 17 years. 

I should explain. Well...

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