Story of a girl in coma.


2. The Realisation

Dream: the creator of false hopes and promises we make to ourselves. We dream about something because we can't achieve it in real life, or else it would have been considered as reality, not a dream. Dream is a fairy tale, without an ending, and a lie, without a beginning. But no one knows about that. I can't say I'm the only one who thinks different or else all these discoveries and inventions would not have been possible if the dummy head of a homo sapien hadn't have taken a different path. But behind these discoveries, there is always a short legendary story to be told which tells us about the turning point of every person's life and the reason to their epiphany. I would have never had thought about this because I always belonged to the dummy group.Like every girl wants her life to be like a fairy tale, even I wanted my life to be a fairy tale where I live in this magical place with all the people being good to me and I would happily sing a song with the whole town and jump and dance with them. I always wanted that. I wanted my Prince to come and take me on a white horse, away to some other magical land where we share our lives together. Dreams are so mythical but beautiful. That time, I was just dreaming, until it all changed in seconds.

A few days back I found myself not being able to move. Some kinds of mixed up sound of cries filled up my ears. The muffled noises of scrambling feet surrounded me, and the screeching sound of some wheels vibrated underneath my back. The screeching sound was fast and periodic, as if it was running a race. I felt a heavy hand on my head and the owner of it kept shouting in his deep voice, "It'll be alright, everything will be alright." Several sounds, several noises surrounded me, each noise difficult to interpret. Some were telling me it's alright, some reminded me to not stop breathing. I felt the latter was to be least expected from me at the moment. My nose tried to suck in air but the elevation of my chest fell the moment it started to lift. It was impossible. My whole body was paining and I felt pain stinging inside of me, like someone was pushing several needles deeper and deeper into my skin until it stopped paining. I felt nothing, just the confused noises were heard by me. My eyes were closed the whole time and I was unable to move. Suddenly, the screeching noises stopped, and all the noises slowly quenched under the sound of a closing door. All went silent, except the alien voices which were talking to themselves in grave tone. I wasn't able to hear them under the sudden pounding in my head. But then, everything slowed down, my heart, my breaths, and the noises softly dwindled away. I was in deep slumber but I was still thinking. 

After minutes, or more, hours, I think I heard a man's calm voice say, "She can only listen to you." After that, I don't seem to remember much. 




I felt a brush of someone's hand on mine. It kept on lovingly stroking it, like a hand addictively stroking a delicate piece of cloth which would be torn if it won't be carefully touched. It slowly started to shiver and a low squeak of cry escaped from the mouth of its owner. I tried to lift my hand but it won't. I tried again and again but I failed. I wasn't even able to feel my hand let alone move it. I tried opening my eyes, moving my legs, but nothing would move. I was told to scream in times of help, but it was just my mind which was screaming behind its boundaries. Panic seized me into its tight embrace and it took hold of my mind. I was locked in a dark room with all my limbs bound by chains and ropes. I tried, and screamed and cursed then again tried but all my endeavor went vain and then I finally gave up. I was grateful I had the freedom to breathe in this kingdom of darkness. 

What happened?

Where was I?

I remember sitting in my bus and waiting for the moment when truck collides with us. We had an accident. What happened after that?

I had the extreme want to ask these questions but I don't think there is someone who could read minds. I lied there still, with questions pondering in my brain when suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the vibrating sound of whispers. I heard loud sobs and a shivering voice. 

"Aish-," the shivering voice of my mother crawled into my ears. She just stopped half way while saying my name and cried. "Aisha, open you eyes, honey. Please." I was helpless. I wanted to wake up that right moment and hug her and comfort her. I could never bear my mother crying. But my father was there for her. I heard him comfort her saying,"It'll soon be okay."

I could imagine her shiny black hair which are always neatly made into a bun now a bit messy. I never thought my mother could ever go outside like that but I felt she was vulnerable because that's the same feeling I was having at that time. 

I heard some more footsteps entering the room. The footsteps came closer to me and stopped. I had a feeling it was my sister. The low noise of the chair dragging near me was something I carefully heard for the first time.

"Hey, Aisha" Medha said in a low voice. "Um..." There was an awkward silence. 

I didn't know what was happening. I just wanted to get up. I didn't think much at that time. 

I heard the scribbling of a chair again and felt someone else beside me. 

"Aisha," dad's patient voice entered my ears. He took a deep breath. "It's hard to say, but... I don't know how to say this. The doctor told us something, and I feel that you need to know that if you're hearing me." He took another breath. He didn't sound worried at all. "I don't know if you remember but I have to tell you this-"

"-Dad" Medha broke in. I don't know what happened but I imagined them making some expressions in the period of silence, but I just didn't know what kinds of expressions. 

The noise of the sobs in the background became louder. 

"Can you both give us a minute?" Dad asked. "Medha? Suman?" 

"Okay," said Medha and then I heard the sound of footsteps going farther and farther. My mind imagined them going into a dense forest and then finally disappearing. But then I am the one who might be disappearing. 

"Aisha, you should not worry about anything. It's soon going to be alright. You're just in a deep slumber right now, don't lose hope that you won't wake up. It's all soon going to be alright, the doctors also told me. You are my brave girl, aren't you?" He stopped, waiting for a response. 

"Yes!" I shouted in my mind. 

"Okay, it's all going to be alright. I love you, brave girl." I heard the chair screech the floor. "I'll come back soon."

Panic seized me again. I didn't know what to do. Dad couldn't leave me like that. "Dad!!!" I shouted, but no voice came out. "Dad!!! Dad don't leave me! What happened?!!! Tell me!!! Dad!" I felt like crying, only if my slack muscles were working. I was scared. I am scared. I want to get out of this dark place. I just want to wake up. 

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