The Key to Calypso

There once was a pirate, named Captain Ranodo, who was obsessed with magic and gold. Ranodo was a sixteen year old roman prince; however because of a false prophet, he was banished from his lands at the tender age of three. Ranodo was raised on his own. In the span of a year he became a widely feared demon. At seven he was the leader of The Red Tides, the most feared pirate gang in the seven seas. And so our story begins on Ranodo’s ship, The Sea Witch.


2. Time Passes

Three years later


“Where is she?” I asked.  Currently we are docked at a port in Romania. We stopped to get more supplies; food, fresh water, and other things.

“Now calm down Captain. I’m sure she’s around here somewhere. Plus she’s with Fernando, so I’m sure she’s fine.” Antonio said nervously. “We’ve got the whole crew out looking for them.”

“Hm.” I replied. They had better hope they find her or else someone will pay for it. Darn, where could that cat have taken her, Kai?


Oh man I can’t believe what luck I have. “Gin! I win again.”

“I can’t believe this little brat just beat us again.” One of my opponents yelled.

“Well, gentlemen, I do believe that game was triple or nothing. Now if you would kindly pay us, we’ll be on our way.” Fernando said smoothly.

The guys start picking up their weapons as they approached us. “Oh we’ll pay ya alright. Do ya think ya could get away with cheating us pal?”

At that Fernando picked me up and took off running. “Wait I won fair and square. Don’t run away you coward stand and fight. I want my money.” I told him as he ran.

“Sorry Kai but maybe next time you should let them win a few rounds first.” He said while he continued to run away.

“It’s not my fault they suck. Maybe they should work on their game next time.” No sooner than the last word left my mouth, I heard a scream of pain. Looking back I saw Ranodo slicing through the guys that were chasing us. “Ranodo!” I exclaimed as I pushed off Fernando’s shoulder and did a front flip than ran to my big brother.

“Oh, Ranodo, ha-ha. What are you doing here?” Fernando asked sheepishly. I could tell that he wasn’t really afraid of Ranodo but he still feared him a little.

“I thought I told you NOT to let her gamble.” Ranodo all but growled.

“Well yes but in my defense, she has a lot of talent,” Fernando replied. “And it’d be a shame to let it go to waste.”

“Hm. See to it that this is the last time. You are becoming a bad influence on her.” Ranodo said before turning to leave. I hopped on his back and enjoyed the ride back to the ship in silence.

I just knew Ranodo was mad at me from the way his muscles tensed. In all honesty I knew that I wasn’t even supposed to leave the ship, but I got bored waiting for everyone to come back. And who could blame me, sitting on a ship for several hours with only Fernando as entertainment. Not even the Gods themselves were that cruel.

But back to the topic at hand, Ranodo was pissed at me, and I just hate it when he’s pissed at me. When he is, he’ll ignore me for at least a week, he’ll kick me out of our room, and he’ll be in terrible mood for the whole time. Not to mention the fact that I’ll have to share the cabin with others. I should have stayed on the ship. Well there are only three things to do now. Pout, cry, and beg.

“Ranodo are you mad at me?” I asked in the sweetest most innocent voice that I could, however I didn’t get a reply from him. It seems like he’s really mad this time. “Ranodo? Please talk to me.” Nothing, not even a backwards glance. “Look I’m really sorry for not staying on the ship. But in my defense, it was so boring and I had nothing to do. Please forgive me.” Yes, okay I am begging but with Ranodo that’s how it has to be.

I hear him sigh lightly. “No Kai, I am not mad at you.” My feelings of relief were short lived. “I am disappointed in you.” Darn that’s even worse than him being mad.

We walk back to the ship in silence. When we get there I drop off Ranodo’s back and head to the stern of the ship to think.


Darn. Ranodo didn’t look to happy when he left. Sigh, I should have stayed on the ship. But who could have resisted such an adorably, sad face like Kai’s. Ranodo should know better by now than to leave us all by our lonesome. Now he’s going to be mopping all week until they make-up and Kai won’t speak to anyone.

Hard to believe that in just three short years that little baby in a barrel became our most precious treasure. Though she is a major brat, the whole crew adores her. Oh, here comes Antonio.

“Well, if it isn’t little Toni. What’s up?” I ask.

“Don’t you dare speak to me after that stunt you just pulled.” He all but squawked.

“What I didn’t do anything. Kai and I just went for a walk, to stretch our legs.” I said innocently.

“Walk my ass. You knew you weren’t supposed to leave the ship. What if Ranodo hadn’t made it in time and Kai got hurt? He would have slaughtered us all and half the continent!” Antonio exclaimed.

I sighed, not because he was over-exaggerating but because he wasn’t. Ranodo was vicious when it came to protecting Kai. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought that Kai really was his sister by the way he keeps all males away from her, even most of the crew.

“Fine I was wrong, are you happy now?” I asked while rolling my eyes.

“No I’m not happy. How could you be so stupid and irresponsible?” he questioned me.

“If you have a problem with it than you watch her next time.” I replied with more bite than I meant to. “Do you know how hard it is to keep a three-year old entertained for five hours? Not to mention the fact that Kai is smarter than a normal three-year old and if I kept her on the ship any longer she would have gotten suspicious.”

Now Antonio sighed. “Okay I understand it is difficult to handle Kai but that shouldn’t be a problem anymore, we just bought her some paint and other things to play with. I just hope those two make up before her birthday next week.”

“Yeah me too. I don’t even think Kai realizes it’s that time again. Ha, she was always bad at keeping track of time.” I replied.

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