That Girl From Starbucks ~> L.H

Luke Hemmings is a nice guy.

Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara is a nice girl.

Rebekah moves from LA to Sydney a year after Luke moves from Sydney to LA.

They've seen each other in LA, they've talked, went on a date but never went further. Now Luke moves back to Sydney and they meet again.


7. Told ya I'm better

*skips to Friday after school*

Rebekah's POV

Tonight in mine and Luke's second date!! I'm so excited!! We're going bowling so I KNOW I'm going to win.

I was on my way home from school with Anthony while my mom picked up Lily from her school.

-so are you doing anything tonight?- he asked.

-yep- I said popping the 'p'.

-well what?-

-I've got a date- I said happily.

-Ooooo with who?-

-Remember Luke?-

-You mean the guy from LA? The guy wherever I go I hear people screaming 'LUKEEE'-


-I'm quite good friends with his friends-

-you mean Calum, Michael and Ashton?-


-I didn't know that-

-What how can you not? They came over to our house last time-

-Well sorry if I don't pay attention to some stuff- I joked.

-what happened to you two anyways-

-We just drifted apart-


We reached home and I ran upstairs to get ready for the date.


Luke's POV

It was 7:45 at night and I was on the way to Rebekah's house for our date. We were going bowling so I told her to wear something casual but not to everyday casual. So I was wearing a t-shirt with a leather jacket over it, black skinny jeans and converse shoes for bowling.


Rebekah's POV

It was 7:48 and I was full ready. I was wearing a red dress that goes to my thigh and gold heels. Of course, I was bringing bowling shoes.


Luke's POV

It was now 7:50 and I was walking down her street. I walked to her front door and rang the doorbell. I heard someone walk to the door and opened it. It was Anthony.

-Déjà vu- he said.

I chuckled and said -déjà vu too-

-Rebekah will be ready in a sec. How are you man?-

-good good. I moved back here!-

-oh ya! I forgot abou-- Anthony was cut off by Rebekah's footsteps going down the stairs. She was wearing a red dress and gold heels while holding bowling shoes in her left hand. She was beautiful.

-hey Luke! Hola hermano- she fist bumped her brother and he fist bumped her back. This was how it went on out first date. Wow.

-You look beautiful Rebekah- I said.

-aw thank you Luke. You don't look to bad yourself. Oh, déjà vu!-

-yes this is exactly how it went 3 years ago- I chuckled.

She laughed and said -exactly. Ok. Let's go!-

We walked to the bowling alley because it was only a block away. We reached there and she changed her shoes. It was empty since it was at night so it was so much better.

We took a lane and we were playing while eating pizza. She got strikes the whole game!

-How do you do that?!- I shouted while laughing.

-Told ya I'm better!- she said while laughing.

-You got strike the whole game! I got half of what you got! This is insane!- I laughed. -I cannot believe this-

-Well you better believe it Mr!-

We both laughed.

-Wow. You've got to say, this is the best date ever. You know why?- I asked

-Why is that?- she said while smiling.

I walked closer to her and said -because it's with the most beautiful girl in the world-

Our eyes met and hers were sparkling so beautifully. We connected our lips together and I pulled away.

-Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara, from the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew you were special. Would you like to be my girlfriend?- I asked, hoping she would say yes.

-yes. Of course Luke.- she said as she kissed me again.

-That was nice-

-oh really? Was it?-


She kissed me again. Then she pulled away.

-Wanna get some more pizza?- I asked.

-YES! Let's go get some pizza express or something! It's right down the corner-

-K! Come on- I said as I pulled her out the bowling alley.

-wait wait wait!- she said as she say down on the stairs. I just realized she was in her heels.

-I'm gonna change back to my shoes so it's easier for me to walk-

-No you don't have to change-

-But my feet will-- she was cut off by me chuckling and saying

-I'll carry you come on. Get on my back-

-Luke you will probably collapse I'm not that light you know-

-oh come on, that's nonsense. It's just down the road-

She laughed as a reply.

-Come on! Get on my back!-

-Ok- she said as she giggled.

She went on my back while holding her shoes and I started carrying her to pizza express. We were outside the restaurant and I put her down.

-Thank you Luke- she said and smiled and kissed me.

-you're very welcome- I said as I smiled -let's go in and eat!-

We both went in and ate even more pizzas. For a girl, she can eat a lot. I think I might be falling for her.

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