That Girl From Starbucks ~> L.H

Luke Hemmings is a nice guy.

Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara is a nice girl.

Rebekah moves from LA to Sydney a year after Luke moves from Sydney to LA.

They've seen each other in LA, they've talked, went on a date but never went further. Now Luke moves back to Sydney and they meet again.


3. School

Rebekah's POV

I woke up at 7 in the morning and got ready for school. It was Monday and the first day of the school year. It took me about half an hour to get ready and I went downstairs. Anthony was taking too long so I decided to leave to school first. Lily goes to anther school since she's still in primary. Mom has to take her every morning while dad goes to work.

-Bye mom bye dad love you- I said as I walked out the house.

I had to walk to school everyday because it was so close and I didn't have a car.

I reached school at 7:40, which means I'm 20 minutes early. As I walked in, I immediately saw Chloe and Courtney laughing. I walked up to them, hugged them and started chatting.

-Oh ya Court I heard Luke Hemmings is back in Sydney and he's coming back to this school- Chloe told Courtney.

-Really? Wow I haven't seen him in years- Courtney answered.

-Who's Luke Hemmings?- I asked both of them.

-He was a student here. Really nice and really good looking. But then he left to LA the year before you came. I guess he's back now. You two would look really goo together- Courtney told me.

-I've never seen him before so I can't comment on that- I said.

-Don't you think they would look really good together chlo?-

-YES! omg ya. You would be like the power couple of the school. Both really popular, you're hot and he's hot! Oh my god that's perfection-

-Like gum?- I laughed as I quoted a line from 'friends'. They laughed at it. Yay.

 Luke's POV

I woke up at 7 in the morning and got ready for school. Half an hour later I was done and ready to go. Calum was on the way to my house so we can go to school together.

-Bye mom. I'm off to school love you- I said as I walked out the house and walked with Calum to school.

-Hey man!- I said.

-Hey! Come lets go- he replied.

I stopped in front of the school and stared at it bringing back some memories.

-I miss this place- I said.

-Of course you do you haven't been here in ages man. Glad you're back man- Calum said as he patted my back.

I walked in the school and saw Michael and Ashton talking. I sneakily went up to them and shocked their asses off. HA.

-AAHHH- they screamed in the same time.


-HAHAHAHAH- me n Calum laughed/screamed at the same time.

-Alright let's go get our timetables and lockers- I said while smiling.

-I've never seen anyone this happy about school- Ashton said making Calum and Michael laugh.

-What I miss this place-

-Alright let's go- Michael said.

We went to get our locker numbers, lockers codes and timetables. As I walked to our locker I saw some of the guys I was friends with.

-LUKE!!!!- They screamed as they ran up to me and hugged me.

-HEY GUYSSSSS I haven't seen you in so long!!!- I told them.

-Well ya you were busy in LA WITHOUT us!- One of the guys exclaimed.

-Well sorry- I replied back with a smile.

Chloe's POV

As I walked towards my locker with Rebekah and Courtney, I heard screams and 'LUKEEEE's. I looked over an I realized it was Luke.

-Omg Luke Hemmings- I blurted out.

-Who?- Rebekah asked.

I put on a straight face and said

-The guy I was telling you about just now-

-Oh that guy. Oh ok- she replied. She didn't even look him yet.

-LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS- I screamed and walked towards him.

Rebekah's POV

I looked up and saw Chloe walking towards him. I swear to God that Luke guy looks so familiar. I've seen him somewhere. I just can't remember from where. So I just walked towards him as well with Courtney.

Luke's POV


I heard someone scream my name and I looked around and saw Chloe walking towards me.

-OMG CHLOE DELGADO- I screamed at her.

I walked to her and hugged her.

-QUIFF IT BABY- she screamed and I smiled.

-I haven't seen you in so long I missed you- I said.

-I missed you too oh you remember Courtney-

-Hi luuukkeee- she said as she pulled him in for a hug.

-Hi cooouuurts- I said as I hugged her.

-And this is my friend Rebekah- Chloe continued.

-Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara?- I said as I saw the girl that I was on the date with, right before my brother died. And I just realized she's the girl I lost my virginity to. Oh shit.

-Aren't you 'that guy from Starbucks Luke'?- she said as she used her left hand to cover her mouth and her right hand to point at me. Then she widened her eyes and blushed.

-and you're 'that girl from Starbucks Rebekah!'- I said while pointing at her with my eyes wide open and me blushing. Oh dang. From the looks of it I'm pretty sure she was trying her hardest not to laugh but she couldn't so I laughed with her.

-I'm sorry to everyone here you have no idea what's going on. But don't think that we'll tell you. Cause we won't- she said laughing.

-I'm just gonna forget about that and hug you- I said and went over to hug her tightly -I'm sorry you remind me of your brother-

-I know Luke, I know. I'm so sorry- she said as she pulled away.

-It's ok. Thanks. It was really really nice seeing you again. It's been like three years. And please don't tell anyone about Ben- I said really quietly so no one would hear. I couldn't help but laugh from thinking what we did in the past. This is in some way embarrassing.

She just nodded and laughed with me.

-Thank you- I said while laughing even more. I calmed myself and said -I'll see you around girls- with a big smile. Then I walked with Calum, Michael and Ashton and we got our timetables, locker codes and locker numbers.

They kept on asking how I knew her and why I was always laughing but since I didn't want to tell them, I only answered with 'It's between me, and Rebekah guys. Me, and Rebekah. We met in LA'.

I went to my locker, opened it and put all my things inside. I took a look at my timetable and it said that I had math first. Ugh I hate math. But I was excited to see the teacher again.

Now everywhere I go I hear a 'LUKEEE' or 'Welcome back man'. I have to go to them and hug them. It felt good though, to know that you're back here, for good.

Rebekah's POV

The girls kept on asking me how I met Luke and why he was crying. I only answered with 'not allowed to tell' and 'LA'. They got annoyed at me but thankfully, they chose to forget about it. So we all went to first period.


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