That Girl From Starbucks ~> L.H

Luke Hemmings is a nice guy.

Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara is a nice girl.

Rebekah moves from LA to Sydney a year after Luke moves from Sydney to LA.

They've seen each other in LA, they've talked, went on a date but never went further. Now Luke moves back to Sydney and they meet again.


1. Meet Rebekah

Hi, my name is Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara. I'm 18 years old, my birthday is on July 28 and I really love penguins.

I have a little sister (Lily Sanchez-Vergara, 9), a twin brother (Anthony Sanchez-Vergara), my mom (Sarah Sanchez-Vergara, 40), my dad (David Vergara, 42) and my aunt (dad's twin, the famous Sofia Vergara,42). Yes twins do run in my family and my aunt is the Sofia Vergara.

She visits every year and stays in our house for about a good 4 months. In the 8 months, she lives in Beverly Hills, LA.

I go to a school called Norwest Christian College. I moved here 2 years ago. We used to live in LA but my dad got transferred here in Sydney because of his job but it pays well so it's worth it.

At school, I'm kind of popular but not Regina George popular. I'm not - I don't want to say bitchy so instead I'll say spoiled - a spoiled brat like her but I love her so much. Well that's because Mean Girls is my favourite movie.

My best friends are Chloe Delgado, she's awesome, and Courtney Garcia, she's also awesome. We have lots of things in common. We're all Hispanic. We're not friends because we're Hispanic but we just really connect with each other you know? We love bowling and not too be show off-y but we're actually really good. We love to go to parties together but me and Courtney don't drink a lot. We only drink a lot when we're sad or depressed about something. I've only been drunk twice in my life and I plan to never get drunk again. That's what I said when I first got drunk so we never know.

Well that's all you need to know about me - oh wait - one more thing - my parents are so nice and sweet, they only get mad at me when I do something bad, which is rare. So basically they never really get mad at me. My dad's always at work so I never really get to see him much but he's really cool with everything. My mom, is the best mom in the world. She rocks. I can joke with her and she is just so nice to cope with.

All right. That's now all you need to know.

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