That Girl From Starbucks ~> L.H

Luke Hemmings is a nice guy.

Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara is a nice girl.

Rebekah moves from LA to Sydney a year after Luke moves from Sydney to LA.

They've seen each other in LA, they've talked, went on a date but never went further. Now Luke moves back to Sydney and they meet again.


4. LA Memories

Rebekah's POV

I was laying on my bed thinking 'omg I can't believe it's him. I haven't seen him in so long'.

Few minutes later, I heard the door bell ring. I opened the door to see Chloe and Courtney's faces.

-¡Hola bitchatchos!- I greeted in Spanish.

-¡Hola bitchatcho!- Chloe said.

-What are you doing here?- I asked them.

-we wanted to talk to you about Luke- Courtney said.


They walked in and walked up to my room.

-Did you meet through a friend? Did you just walked past him and suddenly shove him over and he fell and you laughed and walked away? Did you go on a date? How do you know each other?- Chloe immediately asked.

-Wow chlo... Chill.. I met him in Starbucks and we only went on a date- I told them.

-A date? With Luke hemmings? Yeah right. It's hard to get a date from him. Everyone knows that. He always saves a date for someone 'special'. It's like he has a very little amount of dates and he saves each one for someone special.- Courtney pointed out.

-What do you mean it's hard? He just asked me-

-That's all new to us students in Norwest Christian college. No one has been on a date with him. EVER-


-Ya. Seriously. No one. The girls wont even ask because they know he's gonna say no-

-What did you do on the date? We don't know anyone that ever had this experience before- Chloe asked.

-It was like the best date ever. We went to an Italian restaurant and we saw jennifer Lawrence walk in and we were both like fan girling over her. Then she heard and came over and asked if we wanted a picture. We said yes obviously. I still have the picture in my phone-

-thats so awesome. But why were you laughing so much? You were both laughing your asses off while we just stare at you-


-oh come on. You can tell us-

-ok fine but promise don't tell anyone. Seriously-

-we promise-

-ok... Here it goes... After the date me and Luke had sex- I said closing my eyes. I opened them to see Chloe and Courtney's mouths wide open.



-Kinda- I said closing my eyes again. I opened them to see them laughing.

-You were so young. Was it your first time?-

-of course! I was like 15-

-Wow... I lost my virginity when I was 17- Courtney said.

-yes we know Courts. You got drunk in a party and did it with some random person you don't even remember- Chloe said laughing -I got mine when I was 16... With my first boyfriend-

-ahhh yess.. Ayden was it?- I asked.

-Mhm. Oh! can we see the picture you took with Jlaw? What did you wear in the date? What did he wear?-she suddenly asked me a bunch of questions.

-ya sure. I think I wore a strapless blue dress that goes to my thighs and he wore a suit. Like a normal formal dinner date- I said as I searched for the picture in my phone. I opened the picture and showed them.

-here- I said as I showed them. They snatched my phone and stared at it.

-remember when we said you two would look really good together and you said you've never even seen him you can't say anything?- Courtney asked.

I just nodded and smiled.

-oh you've seen him alright- she said smirking. I blushed and laughed.

-he must really like you- Chloe said while putting her hand on her mouth.

-Why did you stop talking?- Courtney asked.

-I can't tell anyone. Even you guys. But it's not a big deal.. We just drifted apart-

They just nodded and left.

Luke's POV

I can't believe I saw Rebekah again. I haven't seen her in three years. I really missed her.

I called up Calum and told him I'm coming over. Few minutes later I reached his house and went in.

-Hey man what's up?- He asked.

-You know Rebekah? The one at school just now -

-Ya, the one you were laughing really hard with while everyone else stared at both of you, clueless-

-yes that one. those hours I had with her in LA were the best hours of my life-

-what did you do in those hours to make it the 'best' how did you meet her anyways-

-Oh ya I forgot to tell you. We met in Starbucks and we went on a date and had sex at the end-

-What really? Seriously? How old were you?-


-that's young. My first time was when I was 17. I got drunk and had sex with her at a party. I don't even remember her face. I think I had sex with her and left because I remember having sex with someone and waking up somewhere else but with a condom.. Hmm-

-That's gross man-

-Ya I know. Wait I thought you didn't go on dates and now we're talking about you having sex with a girl?-

-What do you mean? I go on dates!- I protested

-Then what happened to you two?-

-Well my brother died right after the date so I tried my best to forget about her because if the memories of my brother. Turns out I couldn't. But every time I see her or think about her I think about my brother. I cover up my sadness by laughing. It really helps. You should try that if you get sad, which is like never-

-oh my god I'm so so sorry man. Ben or Jack?-


-I'm so sorry-

-it's ok. But I was depressed for two months and she and my family were the only ones that knew about Ben. She obviously knew about it cause she kept on saying sorry and have me some time. I became depressed and never left the house. But I eventually turned back to my normal self. But by that time I didn't have my phone because I accidentally dropped it in the toilet and I lost her number so... Ya-

-sorry man. I really really am-

-it's ok. But now everything is coming back to me- I sighed.

-it's gonna be ok man. You should ask her on a second date-

-I did, three years ago-

-oh. Well ask her again-

-I will.. Ok bye man gotta go back home-

-k see you tomorrow!-

-see ya!- I closed the front door and left.

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