That Girl From Starbucks ~> L.H

Luke Hemmings is a nice guy.

Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara is a nice girl.

Rebekah moves from LA to Sydney a year after Luke moves from Sydney to LA.

They've seen each other in LA, they've talked, went on a date but never went further. Now Luke moves back to Sydney and they meet again.


6. I have a question...

Rebekah's POV

I woke up at 7 and did my usual morning routine. Get up, brush my teeth, shower, get changed, head downstairs, get a fruit and leave. Today, I went with Anthony because he was early. Very rare. We reached school and went in. Me and Anthony are in the same class, obviously, and his locker is on the right of my locker. I don't know who's on my left since we we've never been in our lockers at the same time. Oh well.

I took my books out and headed to first class. I had music. I went in to find no one in the classroom except for Chloe and Courtney. Yay! I have music with Chloe and Courtney!

-¡Hola bitchatchos! I didn't know you had music with me- I said

-I didn't either. I just found out I had music with this bitch this morning- Chloe said smirking at Courtney.

Then Courtney flipped her hair at Chloe's face. Hahaha I love these girls.

-Alright then. Sit- Chloe said dragging a chair next to her.

I thanked her and sat down on the chair.

-Ok. Have you talked to Luke yet?- Courtney asked.

-Guys I just came like 10 minutes ago- I replied.

-O ok then-


Luke's POV

I was at school's hallway, walking to first period, which was music, with the guys. While I was walking, I bumped into someone.

-Oh sorry man!- I apologized.

-it's ok- he said.

-hey I know you! Aren't you Anthony Sanchez?-

-Sanchez-Vergara- he corrected -hey you're that Luke guy from LA!-

-Ya! You're Rebekah's twin right?-

-Yep- he said, popping the 'p'.

-Nice to meet you again man- I said giving him a bro hug.

-You too! Bye guys- he said pulling away from the hug and walking away.

-BYE ANTHONY- the other guys shout.

I laughed and continued walking to music.


Rebekah's POV

I was sitting on the chair talking to Chloe and Courtney as four tall guys walked in the classroom. I realized they were Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton.

-Buenos Días Chicos-, me, Chloe and Courtney said at the same time.

-Wowza. You all said that at the same time. How cool is that? What does that mean?- Michael asked.

-Good morning boys- I said as I smiled.

They all walked to their seats which was right in front of us. Right after that a bunch of more people came in. One of them was the teacher, Ms Palmer.

-Hi Miss Palmer- Luke said as he waved at her.

-Oh hi Luke, welcome back to Norwest Christian College- she replied.

-Thank you-

-All right class. Welcome back to school. We didn't have a class yesterday so today's your first lesson. We will be writing songs and singing them in front of the class. You will be assigned a partner and you can choose to write a song about them, for them or just with them. You can also do a duet. You will only have three lessons to do this so use it wisely. You will find out who your partner will be when you pick a name out of this hat.- She said as she took the hat filled with tiny pieces of paper.

-Alright. Chloe wanna go first?- Ms Palmer asked as she looked at Chloe.

-Ya sure- she agreed, nodded and walked to the hat. She pulled out a piece if paper and read it.

-COURTS- she screamed in happiness and hugged Courtney.

-Yayyyy!!- She screamed.

-Calum?- Ms Palmer said as she looked at Calum.

-K- he agreed and walked to the hat.

He pulled out a name and said

-Scarlet-. He looked up to a girl with red hair, smiled and walked to her.

-Ok Michael?- Ms Palmer said.

-K- he replied.

-Ashton Fletcher Irwin!!- He said as he punched the air.

-Yayyyy- Ashton said as he jumped up his chair, ran over to Michael and they started hugging and jumping.

-Luke?- Ms Palmer said.

He didn't say anything but walked up to the hat and pulled out a piece of paper.

-Rebekah Sanchez- he read while smiling.

-Sanchez-Vergara- I corrected.

-Like brother like sister. Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara. You know more about me than anyone in this class- he said while looking at me and smiling.

-HELLO!! We're here too you know- Calum, Michael and Ashton said looking defeated.

-ok maybe Rebekah and Calum know most about me but Mikey and ash still need to know more-

I smiled back and he went back to his seat, which was right in front of me.

-Alright if you have been picked please sit in one side of the room.- Ms Palmer instructed.

The 8 of us sat on the right side of the room as other people pulled out the names of their partners.


-Hey Hemmings- I said.

-Hey Sanchez-Vergara-

I smiled because he remembered to say the Vergara.

-Alright I know everything about you. That was a great night you know Luke-

-Definitely. But it wasn't that great after the date though. For me especially. Well sorry about everything. I couldn't face you yet. You reminded me too much about my brother. And when I went past my depression I couldn't call you back or find you because I dropped my phone in the toilet.-

-It's ok Luke. I know how you felt. I was depressed for months too. When I was young my closest cousin died and I was crying my eyes out like crazy. I didn't get out of the house for a very long time. Except for school. When i finished I just stayed in my room until morning again. She used to come over to my house every month for like a week. I miss her. I really do-

-Well I guess you do know how I felt. I'm really sorry though. For your cousin and dropping my phone in the toilet-

-It's ok Luke- I said as I smiled.

-thanks. Ok. What should we do for the music thing-


-Me too- he said as he started writing stuff down in his notebook.

I knew lots of stuff about him so I wrote it all down in my notebook.


Luke's POV

Wow. My list was never ending. I remembered so many things about her. She has two siblings, a little sister and a twin brother and her aunt, dad's twin sister, comes to Sydney and stays for 5 months every year in the house next to hers. She's Colombian born in LA maligner Hispanic. She loves to play bowling and she's really good at it. She is madly in love with penguins and much more that I can't even fit it all in one page.

I looked over to her and I saw that she was also already in her second page.

-Hey, I have a question...- I said.

-and what might that be?-

-do you want to have that second date of ours? Now no Jennifer Lawrence and just us having fun? Whaddya say?- I asked.

-that would be great- she replied with a smile on her face.

-great I'll pick you up at 8-

-k, let's switch numbers again shall we-

We agreed and gave our phones to each other. I put my name as 'Beks, I am a penguin' and typed in my phone number. I handed her phone back to her and she have my phone back to me. I laughed as I saw what she put as her name 'I LOVE PENGUINS -Beks'. She looked at me and laughed as well.

-Wait what do you mean second date? Oh my god! You went on a date? Where? When? How did you meet?- Michael asked.

- oh, ya we met each other in LA. Wait, have you been listening to our conversation?- I asked.

-well ya of course everybody is since you said 'hey, I have a question...' Even ms Palmer- he admitted.

I looked back and saw everybody in the class looking at me and Rebekah.

-hi guys- I said filling in the silence.

They all bursted into laughter and kept on saying things like 'Luke's got a date! Woo hoo!!' or 'he's finally found someone special!' Or 'FINALLYYY' or 'oh my god you and Rebekah look so cute together!!!'

I looked over at Ms Palmer and she was listening as well.

-What? I'm only a 26 year old woman. I still need to know the gossip- she said.

I blushed because I was so embarrassed I just put my hands on my face and hid my head face down while laying it on the table.

-chill guys... It's just a date- Rebekah told them.

-What do you mean it's just a date? It's a Luke Hemmings' Date! A SECOND Luke Hemmings's date! That's huge! - one of the guys pointed out.

-What? Why?- Luke asked, looking confused while smiling.

Everyone ignored him.

-Are we the only ones that know about this?- Chloe asked looking at Courtney. She just shrugged.

-Hey I know this story too!- Calum said.

-well we don't so now tell us!- Ashton instructed.

I sat back normally and Rebekah looked at me like she was telling me to tell them.

-Oh! Ok we met three years ago.. we were in Starbucks and we switched our drinks. We both ordered vanilla frappucino but I ordered with coffee and she ordered no coffee. Once she drank her drink she realized it wasn't hers and when I drank mine I realize it wasn't mine so we told the person that works there and we realized we switched our drinks. Then I asked her out to dinner in an Italian restaurant called Madeo right?- she nodded and I continued -we were eating dinner and we saw jennifer Lawrence walk in and we were fan girling like crazy. We were saying good stuff about her and apparently she heard and came over to our table. She thanked us and stuff and asked if we wanted a picture. We said yes, obviously. Then we were just talking for a few hours. But then we were tired and sleepy from all the fan girling we decided to go home. And that was the end of the date and when the bad part happened...-

-well what happened to you two then?- Michael asked. I felt all anxious and sad when he asked me that question, making me break the wooden pencil I was fiddling with in my hand.

-Woo man, why did you break that pencil?- Ashton asked. I chose to ignore it. Calum knew why so he just tried to calm me down.

-Easy.. Easy..- he said, trying to calm me down.

-I can't tell that story cause it makes me all angry and sad so I'm not gonna tell you this part- I said.

-but we want to know- Ashton frowned.

-guys just shh... Luke do you want them to know?- Rebekah asked as she looked at me with sad eyes. I just nodded.

-you can tell them but I can't listen to this so I'm just gonna get some water first- I said as I walked to ms Palmer, asking if I could get some water. She nodded and I quickly went out.


Rebekah's POV


I watched Luke walk out of the classroom to get some water.

-I already know the story so I'm just gonna go and check on him- Calum said walking out.

I looked at everyone else and they were waiting for me to say something.

-oh right. The sad story. Ok. After our date Luke got a phone call from his mom saying he needed to get to the hospital now. It was his brother. He got in a car accident and died that night. Then few days later he got depressed and stayed depressed for about two months. He didn't get out of his house. His mother got my number from his phone and told me what happened. She said he didn't even go to his brothers funeral. He got there, stuck a note on the stone and left. I went to the grave to visit my cousin and I saw Luke's brother's stone, Ben Hemmings. It was close to my cousin's so I went to look at it and the note said 'I love u bro see u in heaven -Lil bro'. Since he was to depressed to do anything he just stayed home you know and we never talked since-

I looked at everyone to see theirs shocked faces.


Luke's POV


I was walking to the water fountain and I felt anger building inside of me. I didn't know why I was angry but I was, for some reason. I just had to do something to get the anger out of me. So I punched the wall. It left me with a purple-red fist and a hole on the wall.

-Holy Shit! That hurts!!- but at least it felt good..

I took a cup if water, drank some and poured the leftover on my hands.

- FUCK!! That hurts man!-

I looked around and saw Calum running towards me with a worried look on his face.

-I'm so sorry dude. But you've got to learn to control it. Seriously-

-I know, I know. I just always get angry every time I think about it. I mean why? Why him? From all the people in the fucking world why him?- I said as I cried into Calum's shoulder, hugging him. He hugged me back and patted me on the back.

-I don't know I really don't. It's a messed up world man. Things go wrong-

-you're right. And now my hand hurts like shit man!- I said while pulling away from the hug.

-oh right! Let's get that wrapped up!- he said while bringing me to the nurse.

I got my hands wrapped and we both walked back to class.


Rebekah's POV


- Wait so you're telling me that Luke, one if the nicest and happiest guy on earth was depressed for like two months? - Michael said/asked.

- seriously Mikey, that's all you get from all that -

-well I feel really bad for him though. He just lost a brother..-

After Michael said that Luke and Calum walked in the classroom. Luke's left hand was wrapped.

I looked at his hand but Calum saw me and mouthed 'he punched a hole on the wall'. I just gave him an 'o' back.

He sat at his chair looking down at his table. Everyone patted his back and said sorry. And by everybody I mean every single person in the room. Even ms Palmer.

-it's alright. I need to get over that. Ok let's continue writing songs yayyy!!!- he said as he clapped his hands. -Ow!! Right.-

-Luke- - I cut Michael off by stepping on his foot.

-Oh.. I.. Punched... a hole... On the wall...- he said stopping at every few words.

Everyone just made an 'o' with their mouths without saying anything.

-guys the class ends in like 10 minutes so don't waste it- ms Palmer warned us.

For that 10 minutes me and Luke were discussing about the date. We were going bowling this Friday night. As the bell rang, everyone walked out of the classroom and went to second period. I had math next with Michael, Calum and Courtney.

-you excited for your second date?- Courtney asked me.

-of course I am-


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