That Girl From Starbucks ~> L.H

Luke Hemmings is a nice guy.

Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara is a nice girl.

Rebekah moves from LA to Sydney a year after Luke moves from Sydney to LA.

They've seen each other in LA, they've talked, went on a date but never went further. Now Luke moves back to Sydney and they meet again.


5. Flashback


Rebekah's POV


I was in Starbucks waiting for my vanilla frappucino. Once it came out I took it and poked a straw in the hole. I started drinking it when I realized this is not my drink. There was coffee in it. So I went up to the girl and said

"Um excuse me miss this isn't my drink" right after I said that a guy around my age with quiffed hair, blue eyes and a lip piercing said "ya this isn't mine either I ordered with coffee"

"Oh sorry I think that's mine. I ordered without coffee and the one I'm holding now has coffee so, here" I said handing him the drink. The girl just walked away, continuing making drinks for other people.

"Thanks and here" he said handing me the drink without coffee.

"Thanks, ok bye"

"wait, do you wanna maybe go to dinner tonight? Italian?"

"Sure, let me put my phone number in your phone"

"and I'll put my phone number in your phone"

we handed each other our phones and put our numbers in it. I put 'girl in Starbucks ~ Rebekah'. We handed each other our phones back and smiled when we saw what we put as 'name'.

He put 'guy in Starbucks ~ Luke'.

"I'll pick you up at 8?" He asked.

"K, I'll text you the address"

"K. See you tonight"

"See ya"


After I got my drink I went back home and prepared for the date. We were going to an Italian restaurant called Madeo. It's very romantic since it's dark with candles as the light.


Luke's POV


It was 7:45 and I was fully ready. I wore a black suit, not a tux. That might be too formal. Since I was early, I decided to leave early. I walked to her house since we were walking to the restaurant. It was very close to her house.

I reached her house and it was big. It wasn't as big as the house next to hers but it was still counted as a BIG house. I knocked on the front door and the door swum open revealing a guy around my age.

"Hi is Rebekah ready yet?" I asked

"Hi ya I think so.. Who are you?" He asked

"Oh I'm Luke Hemmings and I'm taking Rebekah on a date" I smiled while saying that.

"Oh ok. Well I'm Anthony, Rebekah's twin brother" he said while smiling.

Few seconds later, Rebekah went down the stairs. I could tell she looked so beautiful in her dress. She wore a strapless blue dress, my favorite color.

"Hey Luke, hola hermano" she said giving him a bro fist and me one too. I smiled when she did that. I didn't know she could speak Spanish. That made her sound so hot. I really like this girl. Even though I just met her few hours ago. She walked out the door and said

-let's go?- I nodded.

-You look beautiful- I commented.

-thank you. You don't look too bad yourself-

-thank you-

-so, Madeo?-


Luke's POV


We arrived in Madeo and we we went to our table. It was a formal restaurant so we had to dress up nicely.

We both ordered what we wanted and the waiter walked away. Few minutes later, someone really famous just walked in. JENNIFER LAWRENCE. OH MY GOD. I love jlaw! Rebekah saw her too because her jaw dropped when she walked in.

"OH MY GOD IS THAT JENNIFER LAWRENCE?" She whispered/shouted.

"OH MY GOD YA! That is so cool! Jennifer Lawrence is under the same roof as me!" I said kind of shrieking.

"She was so good in the hunger games and silver linings playbook oh my gooddd! She has such a nice personality and she's so funny and she's such a good actress!"

"OH MY GODDD is she coming over to us?" She asked.

"What what what? Oh my gosh she is!"

"Hi I couldn't but overhear what you said and I really appreciate it thank you." Jennifer Lawrence said.

"Hi you're very welcome. We're huge fans of you by the way. Just to clarify" Rebekah stated.

"Aw thanks that's so sweet. Would you like a picture?"

We both nodded and said "yes please".

I took my phone out and told someone to take a picture of the three of us.

Then Rebekah took her phone out and did the same thing.

"Thank you so much", I said to her and the person that took te picture for us.

"You're very welcome" she replied.

Then she walked back to her table.

We continued the date with laughing and knowing more about each other. I found out that her full name is Rebekah Sanche-Vergara, she's Colombian born and raised in LA. She loves penguins, like me. She has a twin brother and a little sister. Twins run in her family. Her dad has a twin sister. And she's really good at bowling.


Rebekah's POV


I'm having such a great time with Luke. This is like the best date ever. He even asked for a second date. First we meet Jennifer Lawrence, which is beyond cool. And he's such a great guy. And his good looks are just a bonus. So that's just GREAT (No sarcasm involved).

After our date I went home and he went home. We didn't take a step further yet though. That's a good thing. We're doing everything slow.


Luke's POV

I had such a great date with Rebekah. I hope I can see her again.

I was walking home and I got a phone call from mom.

"Hi mum" I said in a happy voice.

"Luke go to the hospital now"

"What what happened? Is everyone ok?"I asked, really scared to hear the answer.

"It's your brother Ben. He got in a car accident" mom told me. I could here her crying.

"What ok I'm on my way there bye mom" i said and hung up.

I was running to the hospital. Thank god it was close.

I rushed in and saw my parents and oldest brother, Jack, crying. I ran up to them and asked what happened.

"Ben got in a car accident and he got very very injured. Now he's in the emergency room." Mom told me.

"Oh my god"

"Why are you dressed up so nicely?" Dad asked.

"I just went on a date" I said as I wiped the tears in my eyes.

"Did you have fun?" He asked.

"Well ya of course we met Jennifer Lawrence and we talked A LOT. But it was late so we went back home. Then I got the phone call from mom and I ran straight to the hospital and now I'm here" I said with a very sad voice. Well duh I was crying.

After I said that a doctor and a nurse walked in and told us the worst news you can possibly get. He told us we could go in the room and say bye to him so we did.

I went in and saw a bloody and pale looking Ben on the bed. He was really badly injured. Apparently he got hit on his head very hard and got brain damage. It was too late to save him.

We were all crying, the whole room was filled with sniffing and tears.

Few days later I got really depressed from all the funeral talk. I was so depressed I couldn't eat I couldn't even go outside my room. I just stayed in there. I was depressed for about two months but went passed it. I never went on the second date with Rebekah because I lost her phone number since I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet. Don't ask how. After that date I never got to see her ever again


*end of flashback*

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