That Girl From Starbucks ~> L.H

Luke Hemmings is a nice guy.

Rebekah Sanchez-Vergara is a nice girl.

Rebekah moves from LA to Sydney a year after Luke moves from Sydney to LA.

They've seen each other in LA, they've talked, went on a date but never went further. Now Luke moves back to Sydney and they meet again.


8. Aunt Sofia

Rebekah's POV

Aunt Sofia is coming today! She finally has a break from modern family. I'm so excited to see her! OMG YAY! It's 1 in the afternoon and I already had lunch. I was currently sitting in my living room watching FRIENDS. It is SO funny. I've been laughing for the past hour. I'm on the episode where there's a blackout and Phoebes singing her song. |New York City has no power , and the milk is getting sour , but to me it isn't scary , cause I stay away from dairy. La la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaa.....| It's so catchy.

You're probably wondering why I haven't started blabbering about the date with Luke. Ok I'll tell you now. IT WAS AWESOME. So fun! I beat in bowling, duh. I got like double of what he got. He's not bad though. I just play a lot with Chloe and Courtney. Oh, and Luke asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes of course! Then after that we ate pizza from pizza express. We at a lot. So at the end of the date, I was Luke Hemmings' girlfriend and really really full. 

I stood up from the sofa and walked into my room. I had to pick up Aunt Sofia from the airport. I got dressed and took my car keys. My parents couldn't fetch her because they both had some meeting to go to. Anthony had football practice at school, with Luke. So I had to fetch her. I could drive myself so I left and went to the airport.

Luke's POV

I was now at football practice with Calum and Anthony. Michael and Ashton aren't here because they don't need no sport. I was the football captain so I had to be here. I walked away from Calum and called Rebekah. 

L: hey Beks 

R: hey Lukey

L: whatcha doin?

R: I'm picking up my aunt from the airport. I'm so excited!

L: that's great! She comes here like every 4 months right?

R: yep. Hey aren't you in football practice? 

L: ya

R: Anthony's there right cause if he isn't I swear I'm gonna- 

L: yes he is yes he is

R: ok. Good. Say hi to him and Calum for me please

L: k. How'd you know Calum's in the football team?

R: it's Calum. Everyone knows he's in the football team

L: o ok

R: Michael and Ashton aren't there?

L: course not. Why would they. They don't need no sport

R: haha true, true. Michael told me he was gonna hang out with Ashton while they eat pizza


R: no can do you've got some football to play.

L: ugh. Ok. Bye I need to go. Coach Carr is calling me. Bye Beks! 


Then she hung up. 

I walked to Coach Carr and he said never mind. So I walked back to Calum and Anthony again.

-Beks said hi- I told both of them.

-you don't?- Calum asked playfully.

-HI- I screamed at his face.

-so you do- 

I nodded.

I heard me, Calum and Anthony's names being called from behind. I looked back to see Michael an Ashton walking towards us holing a box of pizza.

-hey guys- Michael said.

-hey- me, Calum and Anthony replied.

-Guys let's make a band- Ashton suggested.

-huh?- I asked

-me and Michael have been talking about it an lets make a band- 

-us 5?- Calum asked.


-I'm out- Anthony said. 

-ok. So 4 of us?- Ashton continued.

-sure that would be cool- I said.


-k now we actually have to go. We have some football to play. Wanna join?- Calum asked.

Michael and Ashton looked at each other and started laughing. Those dorks. Then they just walked away eating their pizza. Well. Ok then. The rest of us continued with football practice.


Rebekah's POV 

-AUNT SOFIA!- I screamed looking at my famous aunt.

-Rebekah!!- she screamed back, looking at me. 

I walked towards her and hugged her.

-hi aunt Sofia! I haven't you in months!-

-hi Rebekah! I missed you- 

-I missed you too-

-where's madre y padre? Anthony?-

-meeting, meeting, football practice-

-oh ok. Let's go home! Has my house been used at all?- 

-we go there to clean sometimes so now when you reach home, it will be all clean and stuff- 

-¡Gracias Rebekah!-

-your welcome. Let's go!-


We both walked out of the airport and I put her bags in the back while she goes go the passenger seat. I go in the at and start driving home. 

-Soooo... How've you been?- she asked with a cheeky grin.

-very very good. You?- I said smiling.

-very very good. Now. Tell me. Why very very good?- 

-no reason. Just in a good mood-

-no it's not! I can see that!! Is it a boy? Oh my god it's a boy isn't it?!- she said in her thick accent.

I laughed at her and nodded.

-who is it who is it?- she asked.

-he's my boyfriend, Luke. Luke Hemmings-

-Ooohhhhhhhh so sweet- she said, clapping her hands.

-He's sweet. He's so nice. He's so hot. His hotness is just a bonus!- 


-well you haven't seen him!- 

-where is he? I wanna see him!- she pleaded.

-he's in football practice with Anthony-

-he's a football player too?!- 

-yep. Captain- I said smiling then winking.

-So lucky aaaahhhhh. I still want to meet him-

-You will sometime-



-In we go- 

We both walked to the back and took her luggages. She had two because she's staying for a very long time. And well, she's Sofia Vergara soooo... I took one, she took one and we both walked inside her house. I unlocked it earlier, knowing that she'll be here.

Two hours later, me and aunt Sofia finished unpacking all her things and we went to get some ice cream and catch up. Luke called me saying practice was over and he was coming over since Anthony was going to his friends house to do a project. I told aunt Sofia Luke was coming and she got so happy. Such a happy woman. We were both now in my house and watching FRIENDS again. The doorbell rang and I went to get it. I opened it and saw a sweaty still-hot-looking Luke smiling. 

-hi pumpkin- he said, hugging me and kissing me on the lips.

-hey Lukey- I said, hugging him and kissing him back -Luke, this is my aunt. Probably know her from tv but Sofia Vergara- 

-hola Luke!- she said, waving at him.

-h-hiiiiiii!! I didn't know your aunt was famous?! You never told me her name!- he told me.

-I didn't have to!- I said, laughing.

-It was nice to meet you Luke. I've heard everything about you- she said. Oh my god. 

-you too!- Luke said, smiling at me -I hope good things- 

-definitely- I said.

-Ah you two are so sweet. Ok. I'm probably gonna go sleep. Long flight- she said while leaving the house.

-k bye!- me and Luke said together. 


Luke's POV 

Was that actually Sofia Vergara? That's so cool! She left the house and I turned to Rebekah who was looking at me. Suddenly, she ran to me, jumped on me and kissed me on the lips with her hands around my face. I caught her and kissed her back. 

-Ever thought of me as a bad girl?- she mumbled while kissing my neck. 

-well I guess good girls are just bad girls that haven't been caught and it's not like we've never done this before- I mumbled while kissing her neck too. 

I carried her into her room and dropped her on her bed. Then we started having sex. Don't worry, we used a condom. This wasn't my first time, and I guarantee it wasn't her first time either because she was so confident with all this. I guess she is a bad girl. That's hot.

Half an hour later, we finished and we laid down on the bed, naked and out of breath. I looked at her and kissed her again.

-good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught- I whispered in her ear.


-let's cuddle and watch a movie-

-k but, we have to wear our clothes first, in case Anthony just barged in- 

-but he's in Damon's house doing a project- 

-it's Anthony sometimes he can just stay there for 5 minutes then leave- she chuckled. She got out of bed and wore her clothes again. But changed into a t-shirt and shorts to get comfortable. I took my clothes and wore them again but remained shirtless. Then we cuddled up and watched mean girls from Netflix. We were saying the lines with the movie when Anthony barged in.

-told ya he'd barge in- she said.

I looked at him and smiled.

-hey man- I said.

-hey Luke... What are you doing here?-

-what? Couples can't spend time together watching mean girls?- 

-ok. Hey Beks do you know where Aunt Sofia is? I still haven't seen her yet- he said looking at her.

-she's at home. She said she's probably sleeping from the long flight- She explained.

-oh ya. K then. I'm going to my room. If you see her tell me yah!- 


He left Rebekah's room and went in his room.

-hey babe- I said.


-we have to start our music project-

-oh ya. I forgot about that- 

-oh and I forgot to tell you. Just now in football practice, Michael and Ashton came while eating their pizza, saying that we should start a band. So we are!- 

-That's so cool! What are you gonna name it?- 

-we don't know yet. Can you help us pick?!- 


-ok then. Yay!- 

-k. Music project first or band name first?- 

-We'll do the band name thingy later. Our music project is due soon- I said, booping her nose.

-I thought it was due in like two weeks or something-

-she told me to tell everybody else that she changed it yesterday-

-ok. Memories right?- 


Then we started writing a song. We finished it after an hour and a half. 

It was 5 in the evening and I had to go home. I kissed her one last time and stood up.

-well, i had fun- I said while winking. 

-me too. Bye Lukeyyyy- She said while laughing.

-Bye, see you tomorrow- I said while walking out of her room and out of her house.

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