My Secret Life (WWE & 1D Fanfic)

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  • Published: 9 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 11 Oct 2014
  • Status: Complete
My Secret Life; Innocent high school junior Kim Keaton enrolls in LA High School where the rumors are started and all the drama happens. Before starting first day, Dean Ambrose, who is dating Renee Young meets Kim at a camp get together where he leads Kim to another place to get to know her. Once school started, Kim finds out she's pregnant and tries to hide it from Dean. On the other hand, Harry Styles is also interested in Kim as well. He tries hard to impress Kim and at the end, she falls for him, but little does he know she is hiding something from him.


7. Misunderstandings

Kim: *opening her locker* 

Harry: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: Oh hey Harry. *smiles* 

Harry: Can we talk? 

Kim: Sure. *chuckles* About what? 

Harry: I don't know if I'm late, but... I heard around school that you're pregnant. 

Kim: *panics* 

Harry: It's not mine right? 

Kim: Uh... 

Dean: No, it's mine. 

Harry: *turns around* 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: I'm the father of her baby.  

Harry: You? 

Dean: Yeah, so do you mind stepping aside while I talk to my baby's mother. 

Harry: *looks at kim* I'll talk to you later. *gives kim a kiss on the forehead* Don't take too long, I need her. 

Dean: Don't worry, it won't even last a minute. *walks closer to kim* Can we talk somewhere else. 

Harry: *leaves* 

Kim: Somewhere else? Like private right? 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: Right, so no one see's us again. And we can make another mistake right? I don't think so Dean. Just say what you have to here, I'm listening. 

Dean: Well... What do you plan on doing with the baby because... I was thinking instead of hurting it, we can give it up for adoption. 

Kim: *stares to the ground then to dean* Adoption? Dean, this is my child. I'll do what I want with it. I don't need you around him or her or us. 

Dean: As long as he or she's alive... I'm gonna be around you guys. 

Kim: *gets a little mad* 

Dean: You know you could never keep my baby from me, I can file a report for kidnapping. 

Kim: You wouldn't dare do that. 

Dean: I can, and you can't report me for rape either because you wanted to do it just as badly as I did Kim. 

Kim: I hate you, get out of my life! *walks off* 

Dean: Like I said, as long as my child is alive, I'm gonna stick around. 

Kim: *rolls her eyes and walks off* 

Dean: *heads the other direction* 

Niall: Hey Kim. 

Kim: Oh hey Niall. *smiles* 

Niall: I see you're growing there now. 

Kim: Yeah, I'm gonna get excused from P.E. soon. 

Niall: Yeah because that baby is gonna get real physical and muscular when it's born. *chuckles* 

Kim: *laughs* Niall! 

Niall: *smiles* I'm kidding Kim, but we're gonna be walking the track today or play basketball. I think for you walking will do better. 

Kim: Yeah, I'm gonna walk. *scratches her head* 

Niall: I'll walk with you. 

Kelly: It's ok, I got it Niall. *smiles* 

Niall: Oh ok. 

Kelly: You can go play basketball. 

Niall: Alright. *looks at kim* I'll see you later Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, you too Niall. 

Kelly: Hey Kim, how are you? I feel like I haven't talked to you in so long. 

Kim: Pretty much yeah, but I'm doing better. I don't care what the school thinks of me or say about me. My baby's all that matters to me. 

Kelly: Yeah, I see that you're dating Harry Styles now. 

Kim: *smiles* I am, he's amazing. He doesn't treat me like Dean did. 

Kelly: Well you and Dean only had a one night... 

Kim: I don't care what happened between me and Dean. I don't care about him and I don't care what happens to him. *walks off* 

Kelly: *catches up with kim* Ok, well do you know what you're having yet? 

Kim: No, not yet, not until another 2 and a half months. 

Kelly: Oh, well you're keeping the baby right? 

Kim: Well Dean wanted to put it up for adoption, but I might just keep it. Plus, it's my baby, and my blood on it. 

Kelly: Right, I know it's weird hearing this, but I'm excited for you. I really am. *smiles* I can't wait for the baby shower, and the arrival of your baby. He or she is gonna be beautiful just like you Kim. 

Kim: *forces a smile* Thank you Kelly. 

Kelly: *smiles* 

Coach Rams: Alright, let's head back to the lockers. 

Kim: *walks to the locker* 

Harry: *waiting for kim* Hey beautiful. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Harry: How was P.E.? 

Kim: We had a choice of walking or basketball. I walked, Niall played basketball. 

Niall: *comes out from the boys locker* Oh hey Harry. 

Harry: You let Kim walk by herself?  

Niall: No? Kelly was walking with her. 

Harry: Oh. 

Kim: Harry, it's ok. I'm fine alone, I always am. 

(Bell Rings)  

Niall: Alright, I'm gonna get to class. 

Kim: Yeah, me too. I'll see you later at lunch. 

Harry: Alright. *gives kim a kiss* I'll see you at lunch. *leaves to class* 

Dean: *talking to renee* 

Renee: I'm just so sick and tired of everyone talking about that incident; it's like can they move on! Who cares about that baby, it's not important, no one's gonna love it anyways! 

Dean: Hey! That is my baby you're shit talking about there. 

Renee: So?! If you loved it you would be with it. 

Dean: It's not born yet. 

Renee: Exactly. 

Dean: You know Renee. I don't like your attitude. 

Renee: Pardon me? 

Dean: I can't be with you anymore. *shakes his head* Talking my kids like it did something wrong to you. And you just being jealous and talking nonstop is unattractive to me. I can't deal with you anymore Renee.  

Renee: So, deal with it then! 

Dean: I am! It's over! *walks off* 

Renee: *gasp* Dean! Really! 

Dean: *ignoring renee* 

Kim: *walking to class* 

Dean: *walks up to kim* Hey. *smiles and puts his arms over her and walks kim to class* 

Renee: *gets jealous* 

Kim: Dean. *moves his hand* What are you doing? 

Dean: I just needed to get away from Renee, she's driving me insane. 

Kim: Then why are you still with her? 

Dean: I'm not, I just broked up with her right now. 

Kim: Oh? Well that's good then. 

Dean: Yeah. So, are you doing anything this weekend? 

Kim: I'm helping my grandma move in. 

Dean: Oh, did you want any help?  

Kim: Help? 

Dean: You know, I'm young, strong, I can lift heavy things for you guys. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Dean, my mom nearly killed you that day. Imagine what my dad could... *remembers* Nevermind. 

Dean: What's wrong? 

Kim: My dad left my mom and us. 

Dean: Why? 

Kim: We only moved here because he had an affair with a girl here. 

Dean: That's really messed u. 

Kim: Exactly right? I mean my mother loves him, she shows it to him every day, but I guess he just wasn't interested anymore. 

Dean: Yeah, I saw your mom, she's pretty fit and attractive still. 

Kim: Ew!  

Dean: What? 

Kim: *laughs* You were checking out my mom? 

Dean: No! *laughs* I mean I looked at her and that was it. 

Kim: You are disgusting Dean. 

Dean: I... I am not interested in your mother, now that is disgusting! 

Summer: *sees kim and dean* 

Kim: *laughs* Yeah, tell me about that. The father of my baby is into my baby's grandmother. Ew. 

Dean: *laughs* No that is not happening at all! 

Kim: *smiles* Well I'm gonna get to class, you should too before the tardy... 

(Tardy Bell Rings) 

Dean: It's ok, I got someone to help clear it for me. *winks at kim and walks off* 

Kim: *smiles and walks to class* 

Summer: *walks to class* 


Harry: *opening his locker* 

Summer: Hey Harry. *smiles* 

Harry: Oh hey Summer. 

Summer: Are you and Kim still together? 

Harry: Yeah, we are why? 

Summer: Well I think you deserve someone better then her. 

Harry: How come? 

Kim: *sees harry talking to summer* 

Summer: Ok, you didn't hear from me ok, but Kim was flirting and holding hands with Dean earlier. 

Harry: No way, Kim wouldn't do that. 

Summer: That's what you think, but she's new here Harry. Who knows what she was like where she came from. 

Harry: *thinks for a bit* 

Summer: *hugs harry* Don't be too upset, if you need a friend. I'm here.  

Harry: *hugs summer back* 

Summer: *smiles and blows harry at kiss and walks off* 

Harry: *smiles* 

Kim: *gets hurt and walks off* 

Harry: *walks to his group* Where's Kim? 

Liam: She came to find you. 

Harry: Oh, I didn't see her. 

Louis: You ok Harry? You look a little upset. 

Harry: I was informed Kim and Dean were seen flirting with eachother. 

Louis: Again? 

Harry: That's what Summer said, but I don't know. I have to find Kim, I'll be back. *leaves* 

Zayn: Maybe it's a rumor Harry. 

Harry: What you mean? 

Zayn: Everyone's talking about them right now. 

Harry: I had enough. *walks off* 

Kim: *sitting on the staircase* 

Harry: *looking for kim and runs pass her* 

Kim: *looks at harry* 

Harry: *walks back* Oh there you are Kim. What are you doing right here? 

Kim: Harry? 

Harry: Yeah, I was looking for you, why you here? 

Kim: I knew you couldn't be trusted Harry. 

Harry: What? 

Kim: I saw everything Harry, don't lie to me. 

Harry: Lie about what? Why don't you tell me Kim! 

Kim: What? 

Harry: Flirting with Dean?! I thought you said you were over him. 

Kim: I am over him Harry. He was only a one night stand. I don't have any feelings for him, or more like I never really did. 

Harry: I don't buy that. 

Kim: Oh, well what about Summer?! 

Harry: Summer? What about her. 

Kim: Giving her a hug back and then ok with her blowing you a kiss. 

Harry: Is this why you're here? Kim, Summer and I are great friends. We became good friends throughout our high school years. We had a class together eachother year, and that's why brought us close. 

Kim: Well I don't like her. 

Harry: You don't like anyone Kim. 

Kim: Excuse me? I am still new here, I don't think I'll be having any friends because I'm stuck with you and your friends! 

Harry: I'm not telling you to hang out with us every day! You have a choice to hang out with others too! 

Kim: *cries* 

Harry: Look, I'm sorry Kim. I'm sorry if you thought wrong of us. 

Kim: No, I didn't, I'm just hurt that you didn't tell me about Summer before we got together. 

Harry: That's on me, I apologize, but I guess we're equal now right? I didn't know about Dean, and you didn't know about Summer. 

Kim: Harry, just forget about us ok. I know you really like me, and I do too, but if we can't even trust eachother, what's the use of being together? 

Harry: We can work things out Kim. 

Kim: *sighs* Fine, ok. 

Harry: C'mon, let's go eat; the baby must be hungry now. *smiles and grabs kims hand* 

Kim: *forces a smile and takes harry's hand*

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