My Princess

"Eww, Niall please go shower!"
"But babe, I'll be away from you!"


1. That's Just Awesome!

Stacy is your normal everyday teen. She is a fan of One Direction and such bands. She's carefree, she doesn't think about the consequences, she's on the internet, and she isn't social. She was sitting in her kitchen when her dad walks in with a happy face. She asks happily "What's going on dad? You seem happy...." "I got an awesome job sweetheart!" he said back. Stacy asks out of curiosity "What's your job, exactly?", he said back like he could burst "I got a real-estate job!". "Cool!" She said back with affection. "Want to come along for my first sale?" her dad asked. "I'd love t-" I was interrupted by my brother who came in and said teasingly "You mean you'd love to meet the clients" then he laughed. "What are you talking about?", I asked. "The boys, Stacy, they're your dream- boys!", my brother said back with a joker smile. Stacy eyes widened and she said "You don't mean..." her brother said back "I mean alright. They're actually pretty nice guys, you should meet em'". Stacy slipped into her favorite shoes and told her dad "Lets go!". Her dad said "Okay, flirt away", Stacy smiled then laughed.  

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