My One And Only

Angelina is moving to Homeschaple. Her dad hasn't seen anyone since her mum died. Angelina hates One Direction. But what happens when her dad Marry's Nialls Mum? Will that all change? Will she dare to date anyone?


1. Chapter 1



"I hate you!" I yell tears streaming down my face. "How! How could you!" I yell pushing him back hard.

"Calm down love, I never liked you. All just a game you fell for!" He says evilly with a smirk plastered on his face.

"You ass hole! Get out I never want to ever fucking see you again!" I yell.

"Haha I'm happy I chose Serenity over you! She's way hotter." He says with a smirk. He walks to the door and opens it before he walks out he stops and says "She's better in bed than you." And with that he walks out.

Once he walks out I fall to the ground crying. How could he cheat on me?! Everyone told me he was a player but he never acted like it with me. He tricked me and I was to stupid to notice!

  **End of Flashback**

Now here I am 2 months later. Depressed, cuts, and hardly eats.

Sorry where are my manners. Hi, I'm Valerie. I'm 17 years old. I live with my father. He's hardly ever home. He's always at his job. My mom died from cancer 7 years ago and my dad still isn't over my mom yet. You could say we have money. We have a huge house. Expensive stuff. Expensive cars. Etc. But that will soon change because we are now moving to Holmes Chapel. I'm happy that we are moving so I don't have to deal with my x boyfriend Aaron. People know him as the player..... And I know from personal experience he is.

I look at the clock and it reads '9:45'. Dad should be home any minute. Tonight is the night we are going to fly to England! Our plane leaves at 10:30! About 40 minutes until we will be off!

"I'm home!" I hear my dad yell.

I grab all my bags and walk downstairs. "Hi dad."

"Hi. Are you ready to leave?" He asks.

"Yes!" I say with a big smile.

"Off we go!" He says and with that we walk out.

We jump inside our limo and pull out of the driveway. Our limo driver drives us to the air port. We say our goodbyes and walk into the airport. Next stop England!!

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