In The Crypt

Spike/Jareth/ BtVS/ Labyrinth crossover AU


1. 1

It'd been years since he'd seen him. The pale, blonde vampire sighed as he watched for the fae to appear. He'd already made the wish. The wind started to pick up outside, whistling through the cracks in the crypt.

The tall trees outside sighed at the pressure on their boughs. An owl flew gracefully down onto the steps. In an instant, the owl transformed, taking the shape of the Goblin King. Spike stared at the magnificent man before him.

Jareth spun on a booted heel to look at his former lover. He smirked, walking deliberately toward the demon to kiss him. Their erections brushed against eachother. Jareth groaned at the contact, allowing Spike access to his mouth.

The vampire smiled, brushing his tongue across the sharp teeth of the fae, licking the roof of his mouth. 

The men pushed closer to each other, groping each other's bodies. The vampire lifted the king up onto 

the concrete slab that covered a corpse's resting place. He gripped the fae's ass, squeezing slightly, pulling a moan from the submissive. 

The dominant pushed his lover down on his back and crawled up onto the fae's body. The cloak the king had worn was discarded, as well as the demon's leather jacket. Soon, the rest of their clothes followed. 

The friction of their naked bodies shocked them, their manhoods brushing each other. Spike slid down his sub's body, kissing and licking his way down the body.

He swirled his tongue around the head of his sub's shaft, closed his eyes, and groaned. He pulled the long, hard object into his mouth, slightly biting the base. This pulled an aroused mewl from the sub, making the dom's own manhood twitch. He rotated his head, twisting the sensitive skin, causing a ripple of pleasure to course through Jareth. He tried to pull the vampire's head off of him as he sucked, but to no avail. The dom dug his nails into the soft thighs of the king, and the king shot hot, sticky cum down the vampire's throat. He pulled away and straddled the king's hips. 

Jareth's abs were shuddering as he tried to catch his breath. Spike licked his fingers and pushed them, one by one, into Jareth's ass. 

The fae moaned, sighed, and whimpered as the fingers pumped in and out, brushing his insides. The fingers were retracted and replaced by Spike's impressive girth. He screamed a long moan, bucking against Spike. Soon the crypt is filled with nothing but the sound of skin on skin and moans, whimpers, screams, and growls.

They both roared as they came, exploding in and on each other. They laid there, just feeling each other and smelling the sex in the air.

"So," Spike drawled. "Ready for round two?" Jareth smirked and flipped them over...

"What do you think?"

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