You & I n.h

After spending a week in Africa, Jess comes back to what she believes will be exactly like before. Hanging out with the hottest boy band, One Direction. Only that's not the case when her feelings towards Niall decide to change.


2. Chapter Two

Just as Harry passes me a plate of fajitas, Niall walks into the kitchen wearing a baggy grey jumper and black skinny jeans, his hair was perfectly quiffed. He walked over served himself some fajitas. 'Nice one Harry.' He said. "No worries Niall." He replied. "Yeah thanks Harry." I said smiling at him. "Anything for my Jess." He teased tapping my nose with his finger. He padded out of the kitchen with his plate leaving me and Niall alone.


"Do you want a drink?" I asked opening the fridge and pulling out two beers. Before I could turn around I felt two hands snake around my waist. "Jess, what happened back there?" Niall whispered ignoring my question and nuzzling his nose into my neck. I sighed and closed the fridge turning to face him. "I don't know Niall I, I just-" I was cut off when Niall brought his large hand up to my face and cupped my cheek. "You are so damn beautiful." He whispered.


I blushed and leaned in to Niall's warm, soft touch. "Niall I, I think we should talk, later, in private, okay?" I stuttered. He smiled slightly and nodded taking my plate and his own and heading towards the living room. I grabbed the beers and four more out of the fridge to give to the other boys. I wandered into the living room and squashed in between Liam and Louis on the sofa. I passed down the beers and the boys thanked me. "Right so which movie should we watch?" Zayn asked flicking through the DVD collection next to the TV. "Stick a scary one on." Harry suggested. "Paranormal Activity 4 it is." Zayn said putting the DVD into the player and starting up the film.


"Oh god" I moaned taking a bite out of my fajita. "Aw don't worry baby, ill protect you." Louis said wrapping an arm around my shoulder and pulling me into him. Niall looked across from where he sat and gave Louis a glare but soon shook of the jealousy and turned back to the TV. Half way through the movie I let out a huge yawn, "Ugh guys I'm not going to be able to stay awake, I'm off to bed, night boys." All the guys waved me good night and Louis have me a little squeeze. 'I think I might join you Jess, I'm shattered." Niall said stretching his arms out.


I walked up the stairs with Niall close behind me and stopped outside of my bedroom door, "Do you wanna come in?' I suggested to Niall. He nodded slightly and followed as I backed into my room. I turned on the fairy lights around my bed and the room lit up a soft, gold colour...romantic. Niall said nothing as he sat beside me on my bed, he shuffled closer and took my hand in his large one, I laced my fingers through his and looked up at him. "You look nervous." He whispered. "I am." I whispered back, he chuckled softly and cupped my cheek with his other hand. He leaned forward and placed a long soft kiss on my cheek. "You missed." I whispered. "Huh?" He looked confused. "I said you missed." I said leaning in placing an even softer kiss on his lips.


My heart beat faster than ever. He looked me in the eyes and then moved in for a second kiss. His touches were frustratingly gentle. I wrapped my arms around his neck in a successful attempt to deepen the kiss. He wrapped his hands around my slim waist and pulled me onto his lap. Things heatened as he slipped his tongue in and shuffled me more onto his lap so that I straddled him. His hands moved down to my bum as my fingers ran through his hair. He moaned softly and squeezed my bum. I pushed him down onto the bed so that I was lay on top of him and he rolled me to the side and pulled me closer without breaking the kiss. This was the best kiss I had ever had, not too rough or rushed, just perfect and passionate. 



Finally Niall broke the kiss breathing heavily, "I really missed you." His voice was deep and sexy. "I can tell." I giggled, he chuckled back and then stopped and stared deep into my eyes. "I like you Niall." I whispered barely audible, " I like you too, Jess." He replied. I smiled and he pulled me closer into a hug, our legs entwined and my face nuzzled into his neck. I kissed his slightly stubbled jaw and fell asleep in his arms.

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