You & I n.h

After spending a week in Africa, Jess comes back to what she believes will be exactly like before. Hanging out with the hottest boy band, One Direction. Only that's not the case when her feelings towards Niall decide to change.


6. Chapter Six

Niall followed my line of vision and fell off the sofa in shock. "Erm, I erm, I didn't mean to interrupt." Louis stuttered turning around and then awkwardly turning back and heading for the stairs. "Shit." Niall mumbled, stumbling to his feet. "Louis, wait!" I shouted buttoning up my shirt as Niall put his back on. "Hey it's fine, whatever you two have going on, it has nothing to do with me right?" He insisted walking up the stairs. I looked over at Niall who had his T shirt on back to front and a very red face.


"That's awkward." I said walking over to Niall and tugging on his hand. He wrapped both of his arms around me, pulling me into a hug. "Guess they had to find out sooner or later." I nodded and kissed his jawline. "Yeah I guess." I pulled away and smiled at him.


He kissed my nose and I patted his firm chest with the palm of my hand. "Baby your T shirt is the wrong way around." He blushed and smacked my bum as I turned around and ran up the stairs giggling. I paced the landing and stopped outside of Louis' room. I knocked on the door and opened it to see him curled up on his huge bed. He rolled around to face me.


"Hey." I said softly. "Hey." He replied, "sorry about that just then, I know it must seem weird-" I started to explain, "Jess it's really none of my business." He interrupted, I sighed and went to sit next to him on the bed. "Yes it is your business Louis, you're one of my best friends." He sat up and smirked at me, "Jess I just want you to be happy and if that cheeky little leprechaun makes you happy then.." His voice trailed off.


"Are you okay Lou?" I asked stoking the stubble on his cheek with my finger, he paused and looked down avoiding eye contact. He sighed and looked back up smiling, "Of course I am, don't you worry about me... just ran into a really rude group of paparazzi guys today and they put me in a pretty bad mood." He said.


"Ugh, I hate those guys, don't you listen to them okay?" He chuckled and pushed a piece of my long brown hair from my face. "Okay." He said, I kissed his cheek and left his room. I went into my own room and checked the clock, 4 o'clock already. I slipped on an oversized Aztec jumper and skipped down stairs to make the guys some pasta for tea.

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