You & I n.h

After spending a week in Africa, Jess comes back to what she believes will be exactly like before. Hanging out with the hottest boy band, One Direction. Only that's not the case when her feelings towards Niall decide to change.


1. Chapter One

"Hey guys!" I shouted running over to three gorgeous guys. They had come to pick me up from the airport after I'd spent the week in Africa with some old friends. 



Harry had a huge grin on his face and he was the first to pull me in for a hug. I wrapped my arms around him and breathed in his cologne. "I missed you all so much." I said pulling away from Harry and wrapping my arms around Louis. "We missed you all too babe." Zayn said as I finally got to him and pulled him into a tight hug. 


"Yeah I missed your snuggles." Harry said wrapping an arm around my neck and walking me over to the car. Louis opened the door for me and ruffled my hair as I climbed into the back. Zayn climbed in after me and Harry followed. 


"So where's Liam and Niall then?" I questioned as I shuffled to get comfy between the two muscular boys."They're sorting out the flat before you get back" Louis winked over his shoulder. "Aww you guys didn't have to do that, I already know you guys are messy bastards!" I giggled. Louis laughed loudly and Harry slapped my knee playfully whilst Zayn pushed out his lower lip into an adorable pout.


I stuck my tongue out at them and leaned my head into Zayn's shoulder. "It's good to have you back babe." Zayn mumbled putting an arm around my neck, pulling me closer. 


I sighed as Louis turned on the radio. All the boys moaned as 'Little Things' blasted through the speakers. "Yay, keep it on. I love hearing you guys." I said poking Harry's dimpled cheek. "Ugh, I hate hearing myself though." Louis moaned as his solo came on. "Don't be so modest Louis, you have the voice of an angel," I said and he blushed gripping the steering wheel tighter, "and the body of a god." I teased. He winked at me through the car mirror and we both laughed.


I closed my eyes and listened as the boys began to sing along. Before I knew it Louis was parking the car in the private spot behind the flat and opening the door for me to get out after Zayn.


I immediately ran for the door and into the elevator. Without waiting for the other boys I type in the private code and watched as the doors closed and then opened to the huge flat that me and the boys would be sharing.


I saw Liam facing with his back towards me in the kitchen wearing black pants and a plain black t-shirt. I ran silently and jumped on back, wrapping my legs around his waist from behind. "Li Li." I shouted, "Woah, Jesus!" He said has he stumbled forward almost dropping the plate he was cleaning in the sink. "Nope, not Jesus, just me." I joked as I got off is back allowing him to turn around and pull me into a warm hug. "Oh I missed you so much." He said pulling away only to pull me into a second hug. I giggled and nuzzled my nose into his neck,


"So, where's Niall?" I asked, "In bed probably." He tutted.


"I'll go and surprise him then." I said as I slapped Liam's bum before turning around and running for the stairs and up to the second floor of the flat. I tiptoed into Niall's suprisingly tidy bedroom only to find it empty. "Niall, where are you babe?" I shouted. "Jess!" I heard Niall's adorable Irish accent behind me and turned to find Niall stood in a white fluffy towel that hung dangerously low on his hips. His torso was wet and muscled and he ran a hand through his tousled hair.


"Wow, look at my leprechaun all sexy." I hooted. He chuckled and pulled me in for a wet, firm hug. "How was Africa?" He mumbled into my neck causing me to shiver. What was wrong with me!? "Oh Niall it was amazing you should of seen it, I got some incredible photos!" I answered. He smiled at my enthusiasm and pulled out of the hug. His eyes looked bigger and more blue then I remembered and I found myself getting lost in them. 


"You look good with a tan." He said in a deep, sexy voice. I blushed, "You look good in a towel." I smirked. What the hell Jess!? 


The smirk dropped from his face as his eyes suddenly flickered down to my lips. He reached out and pushed some hair out of my face and then moving his hand down to rub my lower lip slowly with his thumb. I looked up at him under my eye lashes and linked my hand around his neck. 


I had never had feelings like this for any of the boys but this felt.. different. He lowered his face down to mine and licked his lips slowly, my breathing hitched. Damn that boy for teasing me. I pulled his neck down and our lips grazed ever so slightly before Louis burst through the door. 


Niall jumped back and I stepped away trying to look as casual as possible. "Oh Niall get some clothes on you dirty Irishman." Louis mocked. Phew he hadn't seen anything. He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. "C'mon love, Harry's making fajitas especially for you." He said.


I looked back at Niall who still stood in his towel with his eyes wide. My heart was thumping like crazy as I followed Louis down to the kitchen.

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