You & I n.h

After spending a week in Africa, Jess comes back to what she believes will be exactly like before. Hanging out with the hottest boy band, One Direction. Only that's not the case when her feelings towards Niall decide to change.


4. Chapter Four

At 11:50, Niall hopped down the stairs and put his hands on both of my shoulders from behind the sofa. "I'm ready when you are." He said. Zayn took his arm away from over my shoulder allowing me to stand up and face Niall, "Yep." I said with a grin. "Where are you two going? Niall why are you taking my Jess away from me?" Zayn asked jokingly. "Sorry Zayn, we're off out for lunch." Niall said. Zayn moaned and snuggled down into the sofa. I gave him a kiss in the cheek and followed Niall to the front door.


Outside the paparazzi guys were still waiting. "Morning niall, how are you doing?" One said snapping a picture. A lot of the paparazzi men were friendly but the majority just wanted a bad picture and did anything they could to get one. "Good thanks boys." Niall answered politely.


He opened the car door for me and got in on the other side saying something to the paparazzi as he did so. He smiled at me and started the car. "Okay so where to?" He asked as he drove into the busy streets of London. "Hmm, I'm thinking Nandos." I said turning on the radio. "Sounds good to me." He said, bopping his head to '5 Seconds Of Summers Good Girls' which was playing in the radio.


We arrived at Nandos and Niall ordered us both a spicy chicken wrap, refusing to let me pay. "Thanks Niall." I said as I finished my meal. "Any time babe." He smirked and reached over and took my hand that rested on the table. I blushed and stoked his palm with my thumb. The smirk dropped from his face as he stared into my eyes. "God you are so beautiful." He whispered so that it was only loud enough for me to hear. "You've said that already." I giggled feeling myself going red. Niall made me feel so happy and so good about myself. "But it's the truth." He said smiling slightly and running a hand through his perfectly quiffed hair.


"Oh my god, excuse me are you Niall Horan?" A voice said from behind me. I turned to see a blonde girl about 16 years old. She walked over to Niall. "Yeah hi nice to meet you." He said, grinning politely. She suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck. "Oh my god, oh my god niall I love you so much!" She screeched drawing the attention of every other table in the restaurant. Niall laughed as she got her phone out and passed it to me. "Could you take a picture please?" She asked, her hands shaking with excitement. "Sure!" I giggled and took the picture as Niall put his arm around the girl and flashed his now perfectly straight teeth. "Thank you so much Niall, I love you." She said running back to her table.


Niall and I laughed quietly. "Anyway," He said, "where was I?" He leaned in slowly across the table and a small girl suddenly slammed her camera down on the table. I sat taking pictures of Niall and fans for the next fourty minutes until Niall finally told them that we had to leave.


"Babe I'm so sorry." Niall apologised as we both got into the car. "No, no don't apologise, you were great with the fans in there." I said smiling and placing a hand on his knee. He leaned in for a long, soft kiss before starting the car and driving me back to the flat.

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