Stay High

"You Have to make up your mind! Me Or Niall?" He screamed at me from across the room as i sobbed "Its Not the simple Harry!" I screamed back "Fucking Choose" He Growled As He slammed the door in my face...


1. Harry


"You Come and Get Me Harry!" I squealed as we ran about the park 

"Oh I Will!" He Yelled Running after me As I giggled 

"Harry Where Are You-" I got Cut off by Harry grabbing me and kissing me 

"I Love You So Much." 

"I Love You too Harry." 


"Who's This Fucking Niall?" He Screamed walking in the door 

"N-Niall?" I Stuttered 

"Yeah The Other Man Your Getting It On With!" He Yelled At Me 


"No, You Have to Make Up Your Mind, Me Or Niall?" He Screamed Louder As I began to sob

"Its Not That Simple Harry!" I Screamed back 

"Fucking Choose." He Growled as he slammed the door in my face...


"Wait He Screamed at You? Did he Hit you?" 

"No, No,No Harry Would Never Hurt me...Hes Just mad..." 

"Seriously I'm Worried About This, I Know Im your sister But Harrys Right..." 

"About Screaming at me and slamming the door?" 

"No, You Need to choose you cant keep Teasing Harry, Then Running To Niall."

"Thats Not What Im Doing Bella-" 

"Hazel, Cm'on, Stop Hurting Yourself and Those two Boys..." 



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