The Heart Test

Harry styles 1/5 of one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. What happens when he is disguised as a nerd named Marcel and sent to Beachwood High for 2 months, as a test to see if students at the school have a heart. But the thing is only the principal and teachers know its Harry.

So he is bullied for being a nerd but one girl Mac (Mackenzie) feels sorry for him and wants to help him but the problem is the people who are bullying him are her friends and boyfriend.

What will happen?

Will she stand up for him and show that some people have a heart?

Will she give up her friends and boyfriend just to help him?

How will she react if she finds out who Marcel really is at the end of the 2 months?

But wait did I forget to mention she HATES One Direction.


4. You have to keep it a secret

Marcel's (Harry's) POV:

So it's day three of project Marcel as I call it. ugh today I've got my own classes to go to instead of following Mac around.

Mac seems like such a nice girl but why is she hanging out with that girl Chloe. I want her to tell me why but she won't and I don't want her to feel pressured into telling me. Anyway I guess I should get ready.

I got up and grabbed my school uniform I have to wear which is a shirt with the school logo on it, tight pants, suspenders and a jumper.

I went to the bathroom an had a shower and got dressed into my pants and shirt. I headed down to the kitchen to have breakfast. I got down stairs and Liam was the only one up.

"Morning Li." I said.

"Good morning Harry, Do you want some pancakes?" Liam asked while flipping a pancake.

"Yes please thanks li."I said placing my head on the table, god I'm so tired.

"Morning guys." Niall said grabbing a plate and taking 5 pancakes.

"Niall leave some for the rest of us." Liam said.

"Morning Louis were's Zayn." Liam said.

"Morning Li, Zayn's still asleep as usual ." Louis said sitting next to me at the table.

"Morning Hazza." Louis said.

"Morning." I mumbled ugh I'm just so tired.

"Here u go Harry." Liam said putting a plate of pancakes in front of me.

"Thanks Li." I said starting to eat them.

"So Harry how does it feel to be. Back at school." Liam said.

"Ugh it's annoying i thought I only had to go to school not actually do the work at school. Do you know how much homework these teachers give out." I said to Liam.

"Haha sucked in I don't have to do anything." Louis said.

"Louis stop teasing Harry and were's Lou Harry you need to get ready." Liam said.

"I'm not sure where she -" I was interrupted by Lou.

"I'm here sorry I had to run to the shops to get something for Lux. Ok Harry let's get you ready." Lou said.

Ugh cause of my tattoos I have to have make up on my arms to cover them it's so annoying. My hair also has to be straightened and Combed back so I can't be recognised.

"Ugh ok." I said. Getting up and walking over to Lou.

*After Lou does his make up.*

"Ok and your done." Lou said.

"Ok bye you guys I've got to get to school." I said grabbing my jumper and putting it on.

"Ok are you sure you've got everything your lunch and books." Liam said. Ugh he can be such a dad sometimes.

"Yes I've got everything dad." I said laughing.

"Bye Harry." Niall and Louis said at the same time.

"Bye guys." I said picking up my car keys.

*After arriving at school*

Ok this is it my first day with actual classes ugh and I've got to act super smart. Why do I have to be disguised as a nerd I'm not smart.

I headed up to my first class early. ugh I've got history it's on the first floor at least room B6.

Ok B5, B6 here it's is. I walked up to the door I could hear someone talking.

"Yea class starts in about 5 minutes so I have to go soon. I miss you " A girls voice that sounded really familiar said. Where have I heard this girls voice before.

"I miss you too babe but don't worry I will see you soon." a guys voice said. Wait is that Liam's voice I swear that's his voice.

"Bye babe I will try and Skype you tonight ok." the girls voice said.

"Ok bye I love you babe." said the guys voice that sounded a lot like Liam's.

"Ok love you two Liam bye." the girls voice said. So it is Liam that must mean its Christine wait since when did she go to this school.

Christine is Liam's girlfriend but management said if they want to date it has to be a secret only me and the boys know about it. So that's why no one knows about her and Liam.

The bell rang and I walked into the class room. yep I was right it Christine but she doesn't know about the plan. shit what if she recognizes me.

I head into the class and sit at the back in my seat.

"Ok class you going to be doing a task in partners and I will pick the partners." Mr Histo said.

"Ok um Christine and Marcel you two will work together." Sir said. shit I'm screwed.

"Ok everyone sit with your partner." Sir said.

I got up and say next to Christine.

"Harry is that you." she whispered.

"Yea shh come with me to my house ofter school and I will explain everything." I whispered to her.

*at the end of school*

I waited for Christine next to my car. She slowly came walking up to me.

"Hey ready to go." I said.

"Yep let's go." she said.

"Ok Mr so start explaining." Christine said.

So I told her everything.

"So the boys are living with you. so that means Liam is there." Christine said. really is that all she got from that god she really loves him doesn't she.

"Yes Liam is there." I told her pulling into the drive way of the house I'm staying in.

We got out of the car and I locked the car door.

"Guys I'm back and you will never guess who goes to the same school as me." I said. god I sound like a little kid telling his mum about his first day of school.

"Who." Liam said walking over to the door.

"Surprise." Christine shouted jumping out from behind me.

"Oh my god your here." Liam said running over to her picking her up and spinning her around like they do in those romantic movies.

"Please leave the PDA till when I'm out of the room." I said.

"Wait do you know everything." liam asked Christine.

"Yep everything." She said.

"Oh that reminds me. Christine you have to keep this a secret you can not tell anyone at all. Also I need your help you have to make sure that no one finds out ok." I said to her.

"I understand my lips are sealed." she said.

"Ok les watch a movie which one should we watch?" I asked.

"let's watch toy story" they both said at the same time. Ugh great toy story again.

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