The Heart Test

Harry styles 1/5 of one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. What happens when he is disguised as a nerd named Marcel and sent to Beachwood High for 2 months, as a test to see if students at the school have a heart. But the thing is only the principal and teachers know its Harry.

So he is bullied for being a nerd but one girl Mac (Mackenzie) feels sorry for him and wants to help him but the problem is the people who are bullying him are her friends and boyfriend.

What will happen?

Will she stand up for him and show that some people have a heart?

Will she give up her friends and boyfriend just to help him?

How will she react if she finds out who Marcel really is at the end of the 2 months?

But wait did I forget to mention she HATES One Direction.


3. You can trust me

Mac (Mackenzie's) P.O.V

Marcel Miles. He looked like your typical nerd you see in movies. His school pants pulled up high, his hair combed back and thick black glasses. 

"so who would like to show him around the school." Mrs Notsofun said looking around the class. No one has put there hand up.

"OK then um lets see." Mrs Notsofun said. crap no please don't pick me, look away don't make eye contact."

"Mackenzie can you show Marcel around."Mrs Notsofun said.

Great why me, that just means Chloe is going too make me be mean to him just like them.

"Um sure Mrs." I said.

"OK great so Marcel you can sit next to Mackenzie." Mrs said pointing to the seat next to me. Marcel walked to were I sit at the back of the class and sat down.

"Hey so i'm Mackenzie but I prefer to be called Mac."I said sticking my hand out.

"Hi i'm Marcel." he said shaking my hand.

"OK class settle down.Now today we are moving on to a new topic its my favourite topic algebra." Mrs Notsofun said. Ugh great its going to be a long maths lesson.

*After maths class and English class*

(A/N: sorry I really don't want to write what happens in class)

"Hey so now its recess and all the years 7's,8's and 9's sit in one area one one side of the canteen and the years 10's,11's and 12's which is us sit on the other side of the canteen." I told Marcel.e

i could really do for some oreos right now.

"OK." Marcel said. He doesn't really say much does he.

"Hey Mackenzie." Chloe said. Ugh why does she have to say my full name.

"Its Mac not Mackenzie," I told her.

"Whatever but seriously like why are you hanging around with this loser.Seriously look at him>" Chloe said.

Um quick think of something to say Mac.Great now I'm talking to myself i've turned into a crazy person. Wow congrats for stating the obvious well done would you like a sticker.

I think I need help.

"Oh um i'm just showing him around. Mrs Notsofun made me seriously I can't belive I have to do this. I mean look at him he's such a loser." I said to her. I hate having to be mean to people.

"OK well go show him around then like get like your boyfriend to lock him in one of the lockers so you don't have to deal with him." Chloe whispered to me. God can see stop saying like its getting really annoying.

Oh yea did I forget to mention I have a boyfriend he's best mates with the star football player. (A/N: or soccer for the American people.)

I really don't like him but of course post-sick made me. Cause apparently if i don't it will destroy her 'image" whatever that means.

"Sure i'm just going to finish showing him around." I said trying to get away from her. Taking Marcel and heading towards the music rooms.

"Hey so are you going to get your boyfriend to shove me in one of these lockers and leave me here." Marcel said.

"No its just ugh. Its complicated look i'm not like Chloe I may hang out with her but were completely different." I said.

"sure you are. Your just like everyone else that judges me before they get to know me."He said trying to walk away.

"Listen I may look like one of those popular up theme selfs people but i'm only doing this cause I have to." I told him.

"But why are you doing this, You don't have to be someone that your not." Marcel said.

"OK look i'd raver not talk about it. Anyways this is the music room were i spend most of my time when I can"I told him while opening the door to the music room.

"Cool so do you play any instruments?" Marcel asked.

"I can play a bit of guitar but i mostly sing and i used to be in a band with my friends." I said.

"Oh cool if you don't mind me asking how come your not in a band any more?" Marcel asked.

"Um were kinda not friends any more its a long story. Its kinda because i'm pretending to be someone i'm not but I cant tell you why." I said.

"Oh ok then but if you ever want to talk abut it you can trust me." he said and for some reason I felt like I could trust him and I don't know why.

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