The Heart Test

Harry styles 1/5 of one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. What happens when he is disguised as a nerd named Marcel and sent to Beachwood High for 2 months, as a test to see if students at the school have a heart. But the thing is only the principal and teachers know its Harry.

So he is bullied for being a nerd but one girl Mac (Mackenzie) feels sorry for him and wants to help him but the problem is the people who are bullying him are her friends and boyfriend.

What will happen?

Will she stand up for him and show that some people have a heart?

Will she give up her friends and boyfriend just to help him?

How will she react if she finds out who Marcel really is at the end of the 2 months?

But wait did I forget to mention she HATES One Direction.


2. New student

Mac's (Mackenzie's) POV: Monday morning god I hate them. Why do we have to go to school it's just so boring. I just want to stay in my warm cozy bed, eat Oreos and drink chocolate milk shakes all day. I could live of Oreos and chocolate milk shakes there the best. What I may be a girl but that doesn't mean I don't eat. "Mackenzie get up your going to be late for school." My mum shouted from downstairs. Ugh I don't want to get up its too much effort. I heard foot steps coming closer to my room. Oh no I'm to young to die. I quickly his under the covers. "Mac get up right now you are going to school wether you like it or not." My mum said as she pulled the covers off me. "But it's cold" I complained. Ugh why do I have to get up. "Mac if you don't get up right now I will take away all of you Oreos." My mum Said. wait what was that she can't take away my Oreos. "I'm up I'm up. Just don't take away my baby's." I said to my mum. "You're a strange child Mac now hurry up if you want a lift to school."my mum said walking out the door. Ugh I got up grabbed my school uniform and headed towards my bathroom. I had a shower got changed (not telling you what I did you pervy people) and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Wait can I smell bacon. Yup that defiantly is bacon I smell. Oh god I love bacon it's the best if you don't love it your crazy. I waked in to the kitchen and saw my older sister Lilly eating WAIT is that MY bacon. "But that was my bacon Lilly you know I love bacon." I said to Lilly. why do I have to be the youngest it's so annoying. wait a minute why is Lilly here I thought she moved to London for her job. You see she's and assistant for some styler named Lou Teasdale or something like that. She's a styler for that boy band One Direction. I bet your thinking oh my god your so lucky to have connections to One Direction. But I couldn't care. You see I don't like one direction I guess there ok but I don't see what all the fuss is about. Now 5SOS that's and amazing band Ashton is my favourite. But all if them are just so amazing. any ways were getting of topic. "Lilly what are you doing here I thought you were in London." I said tackling her into a bear hug. "Nice to see you to sis. I'm only here for today then I have to go back to work but they need me here so I get to see you. I missed you so much." Lilly said. "I missed you too. But that doesn't change the fact that you stole my bacon." I said to her. "Sorry how about I take you to Maccas on the way to school." she said. (A/N: for those of you who don't know Maccass is what us Aussies call Mc Donald's) "Yes please let's go I'm starving."I said dragging her out the door . *after going to maccas,pulling up out the front of the school* "Ok so do you want me to pick you up after school?" Lilly asked me. "Na it's fine I'll walk." I said getting out of the car. "Ok bye I will see you at home."Lilly said. "Bye." I said to her then closed the car door. School I hate it so much. you see I am one of the popular girls but I hate it. I'm only doing this to protect my old best friends Jazzy, Erin and Georgia. Chloe the 'ruler' of the popular group, or as I call her post-sick (AN: does anyone get the reference :P lol anyways continue reading) told me if I didn't join her group she would make there life a living hell. I couldn't let that happen to them so now I have to pretend to be something I'm not. The worst part is that my friends or should I say ex friends hate me now. I was heading towards my first class maths ugh great I hate maths. "Hey Mackenzie, seriously what are you wearing." Chloe or post-sick said. I looked down at my clothes what does she mean this is the school uniform? "But this is the school uniform." i said to her. "Well tomorrow you can't wear your uniform like this whatever it is. remember your skirt needs to be way shorter, and really buttoning your shirt up to the top are you trying to look like a nerd." post-sick (Chloe) said. "Sorry." I said walking past her and into my maths class and sitting in my assigned seat. Please let the day be over all ready I hate this. I hate having to pretend I'm one of those stuck up snobby people. Constantly having to be mean to people it's just not me I'm not a bully. but if protecting my friends well ex friends means to act like this then I have to there like my sisters. "Okay class we have a new student please make him feel welcome class this is Marcel Miles." Mrs Notsofun said. I looked up and saw him a nerd but there was something about him that seems different. I have this strange feeling and I want to find out what it is.
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