The Heart Test

Harry styles 1/5 of one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. What happens when he is disguised as a nerd named Marcel and sent to Beachwood High for 2 months, as a test to see if students at the school have a heart. But the thing is only the principal and teachers know its Harry.

So he is bullied for being a nerd but one girl Mac (Mackenzie) feels sorry for him and wants to help him but the problem is the people who are bullying him are her friends and boyfriend.

What will happen?

Will she stand up for him and show that some people have a heart?

Will she give up her friends and boyfriend just to help him?

How will she react if she finds out who Marcel really is at the end of the 2 months?

But wait did I forget to mention she HATES One Direction.


5. I ship Stylow

Christine's POV:

"Ugh where are my keys." I said to myself while looking for them. I was up early today cause I'm talking Harry or should I say Marcel to school.

I'm really happy about this do you want to know why. well it's cause I get to see Liam! I love him so much and I hardly get to see him because of how he's on tour. But now because of the charity event thingy I get to see him.

"Mum where are my keys?" I yelled out to her.

"There here on the kitchen bench." she said. but I checked there.

I walked down to the kitchen and saw that they were on the kitchen bench.

"Ok thanks mum, I've got to go now bye I will see you later." I said to her picking up my keys.

"Ok bye." I said walking out the door.


*pulling up into the boys drive way*


I got out of the car and knocked on the door. I waited until someone finally opened the door. It was louis.

"Hey Lou, how are ya?" I asked Lou hugging him.

"Hi Christine, great to see you. I'm good come in." he said hugging me back then opening the door to let me in.

"Thanks. is Harry ready to go?" I asked Lou as he shut the door.

"Nope not year he's still getting ready you know changing into Marcel. oh and Liam is in the kitchen." he said saying the last part while smirking at me.

"But wait how did you know I was going to ask you where Liam is." I said to Lou.

"Cause I'm superman I know everything." he said smirking at me then turning around and walking down the hall to his room.

Ugh that crazy kid. I walked over to the kitchen and Liam was there cooking bacon and eggs yum.

"Hey Liam" I said.

"Christine your here I missed you. " Liam said walking over to me and hugging me.

He leaned in about to kiss me. we were about to kiss when we were interrupted by a hungry leprechaun. Yep it's Niall Horan everyone.

"Ew guys please no PDA and where's my breakfast I'm starving." Niall said. I looked over on the stove and saw that it was burnt ops.

"Sorry Niall just go watch tv or something and i will tell you when it's ready." Liam said to Niall.

"Fine I'm going bug I'm taking this." He said grabbing a packet of chips.

"Niall put that back that's not what you have for breakfast." I Said to Niall.

"Sorry mum. God you guys are really meant for each other." Niall said walking out of the kitchen.

"So where were we." Liam said. but only to be interrupted by Louis.

"Ew guys none of that in the kitchen." louis Said.

"Ugh what do you want Lou." Liam said letting go of me and looking at Lou who was smirking at us. what's with him and smirking today.

"Oh nothing Chrisiam." he said smirking. wait what.

"What is Chrisiam?" I asked.

"Your ship name duh. Oh and I totally ship it." Lou said grabbing a water bottle and leaving the kitchen.

"Well alone at last finally." I said hugging Liam.

"Yep." Liam said leaning in to kiss me. You wouldn't believe what happened next we were interrupted again by Zayn.

"Wow guys please not in the kitchen." Zayn said walking in and grabbing and apple from the fruit bowl.

"Seriously does anyone care about privacy." Liam said.

"Ok guys I'm ready to go." Harry said well Marcel said.

"Yep ok let's go." I said.

"Bye babe." Liam said hugging me tightly.

"Bye Liam i'll see you this afternoon." I said.

"Ok Harry do you have everything books, lunch did you so your homework?" I asked Harry.

"Yes mum, god you and Liam are so alike your really made for each other." harry said heading towards the door.

"Why does everyone keep saying that how are we so alike?" I said following Harry out the door.


*Pulling up at the school*


"So Christine can you do me a huge favour?" Marcel asked.

"Sure what is it?" i asked.

"Well you know how Mac hangs out with the popular people. She told me she doesn't want to hang out with them but she won't tell me why." He said.

"So you want me to find out why?" I said.

"Yep." he said. But why does he want to find out. Unless.

"You have a crush on Mac don't you," I said smirking.

"What I-I don't know what your talking about." he stuttered.

"Sure you don't." I said.

"OK whatever lets just go to class." He said.

"Yep and I'll talk to Mac in art class cause I sit with her." I said.

"OK bye see you at recess." He said walking off.

i walked to the other side of the school to C block were the art class rooms were. I walked into the class room to see that everyone was already.

"OK class settle down, Christine please hurry up and sit down." Mr Sculpture my art teacher said.

"OK so today we are going to be drawing nature. So that means we are going outside and you will be using oil pastels to draw something you see. You will also be working in partners cause there are only a small amount of oil pastels." Sir said.

OK cool so i just have to work with Mac so i can talk with her.

"Hey Mac do you want to be partners?" I asked.

"Um I was going to go with Britney." She said. Really Britney why would she go with her she's one of the school sluts. In the words of Britney Spears Its Britney Bitch.

"Please i haven't talked to you in ages." I said.

"Um sure yea we haven't talked in ages." She said smiling.


*Outside sitting by a tree drawing stuff*


Mac's POV-

"Hey so Mac why are you sitting with the popular people? I can tell your not happy about it. " Christine asked Me.

"What do you mean i'm happy about it why wouldn't I be." I said.

"Come on Mac seriously I've known you since pre-school i can tell your not happy about it." She told me putting her art book down and looking at me.

"Fine but you can't tell anyone at all got it." I said.

"Yep got it." She said.

"Pinkie promise." I said holding out my pinkie.

"Yep pinkie promise." She said.

So I told her everything and im nit sure if that was the right thing to do but it felt good to talk to someone about it.

"You shouldn't sit with them." She said.

"But if I don't shes going to make there life a living hell i can't do that to them and besides how would I sit with they wouldn't want to take me back." I said.

"The only thing that could make there life a living hell would be if they were forced to listen to Baby by Justin Bieber over and over again." She said. (A/N: no offence to anyone who likes him.)

"And for hanging with someone you can always sit with me and Marcel." She said just as the bell went.

"Thanks i think i will ditch them and thanks for letting me sit with you guys i properly will tomorrow." I said packing up my art stuff.

I'm going to do it I'm going to ditch the popular girls.


*After school*


Pinay's POV-

"Hey Marcel." I said to Marcel who was waiting next to my car for me.

"Hi Christine." he said.I unlocked the car and got in.

"So I talked to Mac." I said starting the car and driving to the boys house.

"So what did she say?" he asked.

"Well I can't tell you why cause I promised not to but I can tell you that she is going to be sitting with us." I said. I looked over at him and he was smiling yep hes definitely got a crush on Mac.

"Youv'e got a crush on Mac." I said smirking.Really i'm smirking again, great I'm turning into Lou.

"No I don't." He said.

"Yes you do I totally ship Stylow." I said. Great now I'm coming up with ship names.

Oh no I am turning into Lou. Next thing you know i'll be Kissing pigeons and calling myself superman.

"What is Stylow it has nothing to do with our names." He said.

"Yea its your last names. Your last name is Styles and Mac's is Willow." I said.

"Oh ok but I don't have a crush on her." He said.

"Sure whatever you say." I said pulling into the drive way.

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