Unbreakable (H.S)


1. chapter 1

Chapter 1~

Emily's p.o.v:

"Come on, Emily... This is so unfair.." Melissa said annoyed.

"Look it's not like you're not going there anyway.." I said trying my best to make her shut up, before the teacher will hear both of us.

"Yeah but he asked zoe !!!" She screamed, making all faces to turn and face us.

"Shh.. Both of you !!" Miss. Hudson, said.

The silence was kept for two minutes, and then mell started talking again.

"I just don't get it !! Why would he choose that slut over me ?!" She asked sad.

"Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that Zoe is his girlfriend and he doesn't even know you.." I said giggling.

She sighed and that's how our conversation was over. This all conversation was about that guy she likes, Josh. She's in love with the boy and he doesn't even know her.

God know's why she thought he would ask her to go with him to that stupid party. Now she'll probably make me go with her. Damn it.


Soon enough it was eight pm, and it was time for me to get dress for the party.

Like I suspected, Mel convinced me to go with her. Yeah, i know i shouldn't have fallen into that game of her's, but she's still my friend.

I looked into my closet, looking for something to wear. Finally I found a blue dress.

After putting some make up on my face, and checking how I've looked, for the million time today, Melissa and I got in the car.

A few minutes later we got in the club, seeing some familiar faces.

"Hey Emily, didn't think i'll see you here." Jack said with a smirk.

"Funny..." I said laughing.

After a couple of minutes of me and mell dancing on our own, i felt someone from behind me. His hands started touching me. I saw Mel smiling at me, i guess it's kind of flattering, but i don't want it.

I took his hands away from me and walked away. Mel was dancing with some guy, not even looking at me anymore.

I got in the bathroom. It was absolutely disgusting. There was a bra in the sink, and some puke on the toilet's door.

I groaned, not knowing what to do with myself.

Suddenly a boy came in. He had a curly hair and big pair of green eyes. He wore unbuttoned white shirt, and black skinny jeans.

He looked kind of drunk, and not in some dangerously kind of way, but in a funny way.

"Hey babe, need something ?" He asked. I realized i've been staring.

"No, thank you.." I said.

"Oh shoot !!" He murmured, looking out of the door.

Then out of nowhere he just kissed me. Our Tongues came in touch. I had no idea what was going on, but i kept kissing him.

After two long minutes he finally pulled back. Looking out the door relived.

"Thanks for that, you kiss pretty good.." He said with a smirk.

"You welcome ?" I asked more then said.

"What's you're name beautiful ?" He asked, pulling a piece of hair behind my ear.


"Nice to meet you Emily, i'm Harry"

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