Blood of Olympus;; my ending

My entry for the competition:) Two chapters- Piper and Percy


2. 2


"Think fast Jackson." The voice shouted and then a bottle of water was being thrown at him. He faked a glare at Jason Grace, before opening the bottle and taking a drink.

Annabeth wasn't technically allowed visitors, but Percy had, let's say, persuaded them into letting him inside. He'd sat with her until she fell asleep, and now was on his way to the glowing camp fire where he could hear singing.

Jason jogged and caught up with him. "How's she doing?"

"She's gonna be okay, how's Nico?" Percy asked. Jason never got there before Percy helped Annabeth, and after that they'd herded Reyna, Piper and Frank out of the room. They wanted to move Annabeth to the infirmary, but Percy was not having anything that could even possibly make her worse.

"Nico is in the underworld, he didn't die but hades took him down there To get fixed up." Jason sighed. Percy would never forget watching Nico throw the weird bomb contraption Leo made at Gaea. It exploded, sending Jason and Percy backwards into the water, and throwing Nico into the air before he fell back and hit the beach: hard.

"He'll be alright, that kid is tough." Percy reassured Jason, giving his shoulder a squeeze as they walked.

"So's Annabeth, she'll be okay." Jason smiled and Percy felt a weight lifted off of his shoulders. Jason was a good guy, Percy wasn't really sure why they'd spent so much time feeling competitive with each other.

"Guys!" Hazel called, sat between Frank and Piper. Leo appeared to he leading the celebrations, dancing and singing a ridiculous song that everyone appeared to know. Some Apollo kids were playing instruments, and Percy spotted Clarise La Rue across the fire.

He raised his hand in greeting and she simply laughed and waved back. They weren't exactly friends, they were a weird mix of ally's and family.

Jason sat next to Piper, who's arm was in a sling, despite the amount of healing they'd tried, she'd be in that for another few days.

Frank looked exhausted, but was still singing along cheerfully with his arm around hazel. Hazel was smiling at the fire, the flames glistening in her eyes.

Percy sat down next to Frank, and he spotted a familiar face at the edge of the circle, not quite joining in.

"Reyna!" Percy called, but she shook her head "Come on!"

She sighed reluctantly, but Percy could tell she was glad. She was wearing jeans and an orange camp half blood shirt that looked foreign on her.

"Nice outfit." Percy joked and she smiled.

"Well my stuff got ruined saving your but." She laughed, and Percy did a double take. He'd never seen Reyna relaxed or calm, this was new and he like it.

"Let's not talk about my butt it makes me uncomfortable." Percy joked and she burst into laughter again. It wasn't awkward, or weird, it felt like two friends hanging out, and he could accept that. Percy looked over the trees, at the head of the Athena Parthenon that stuck up and glowed.

"Good job with the statue." Percy told her "You did a great job."

"Nico did mos-"

"Shut up, from what I've heard Nico and hedge wouldn't have lasted five seconds without you." Percy joked and she smiled and shrugged her shoulders, before looking at something in the distance.


"She's fine-"

"No I mean she's right there!" Reyna pointed at where two people were supporting Annabeth between them ad carrying her towards the fire.

Percy jumped to his feet and ran towards them, scooping Annabeth into his arms where she snuggled into his chest.

"Hey you."

"You're so stupid, you need to rest." Percy chided her and then Annabeth, clearly the most mature demigod around, stuck her tongue out at him.

"Come on, let's go see everyone." As Percy approached his seat he saw that it had been taken by a certain daughter of Zeus.

"Thalia!" Annabeth screamed in joy. Reyna moved up to make room for Percy and Annabeth to sit down, Annabeth next to Thalia.

"You're okay." Thalia beamed "You need to be more careful Annabeth!"

"I know, I'm in love with a dam idiot." Percy said, hoping that Thalia would remember the joke. By the way she doubled over laughing, he assumed she did.

Annabeth leant on Percy, and everyone watched Leo sing and dance and pull people up like a professional entertainer.

'And he thinks he's bad with people' Percy thought.

Everyone except Annabeth jumped to their feet as a beam of golden light rose out of the fire and into the sky. A door appeared in the flames and Hephaestus stepped out, the door disappearing behind him.

"Dad!" Leo stumbled forwards, looking up at his dad. The height difference was truly amazing. "Did you?"

"I did better son." He said, stepping sideways and revealing a beautiful brunette girl. She had her arms crossed over her stomach, looking self consciously around at the demigods, and then her eyes landed on Leo.

She rushed forward and hugged him. Leo seemed too in shock to even lift his arms, but he smiled.

"I got bored of waiting, so I came to you." She laughed and Leo snapped out of it and kissed her, in front of hundreds of demigods. Everyone cheered as they did and Hephaestus grinned.

"Well, she had help getting here." He joked and Leo smiled with tears running down his face. Percy's mind was racing with a billion thoughts, starting with 'what the hades is happening?'.

"Love you dad."

"Love you too Leo, but I need to get going, we've got a lot to discuss up at Olympus." He stepped into the fire and disappeared. Percy wished his dad were here, or his mum or stepdad, it would be nice to tell his mum everything. Though he doubted she'd be happy with his tattoo from camp Jupiter.

"Is that..?" Annabeth asked Percy. Percy nodded. He didn't know what to think or say. It had been years since he saw calypso. But all he could think of was the calypso curse in Tartarus. He didn't have a clue what to do.

The rest of the seven gathered around, hugging calypso and introducing theirselves. Percy felt out of place.

"And I believe you already know-"

"Percy. Percy Jackson." Calypso smiled.

Percy froze, he didn't know what to do or say or anything. But Annabeth sensed that and took the lead.

"Yeah, and I'm Annabeth." Annabeth held out her hand and calypso shook it.

"It's good to see you." Percy managed to get out. Leo gave him an appreciative side smile that made Percy feel a million times better.

"So I think it's girl talk time, help me up." Annabeth decided holding her hand out to Leo who helped her up. It was as if girls could sense things like this, Percy thought, because suddenly Piper and Hazel were there, dragging Calypso away to the lake, chattering as they went. Hazel and calypso supported Annabeth between them as she hobbled along.

Hazel shoved Piper sideways, and Percy thought he heard about surfing before they started to pick up the speed.

Annabeth turned and blew Percy a kiss over her shoulder, earning taunts from everyone around him as Leo sat down next to him.

It was then that Percy had the thought, maybe being a demigod wasn't that bad. Sure prophesies sucked, and monsters were a pain in the ass, but ultimately? It had it's perks.

No, Percy never asked to be a demigod, but he couldn't imagine being anything else.

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