Sinister colours

She paints a painting darker than she has ever painted. A taunting memory fills her as the paintbrush reflects it. The canvas is filled with horror and displeasing feelings. She can't take it in the end. the memory keeps haunting her. She cries it all away.


2. She paints her sinister memory

The colors leave the brush as I move it with across the canvas with graceful hands. The dark colors melt into each other as I paint. It truly is horrendous.

I put down the paint brush and step one step back. It seems as if the easel will break of the heavy weight made of sorrow and filth.

I glance out of my bedroom window and look at the rain filled clouds. It had been raining all day long.

I look back at the painting and I look at the little pale girl, her eyes are filled with fright. Tears fall from her eyes only to be eaten by filthy demons.

She is being stripped from her white dress as her little teddy bear is thrown into the fireplace. A large dark shadow is overpowering her. Its eyes are glowing and evil yellow color. The painting is too graceful so I grab my pencil and make harsh lines over the painting. The black and red lines cover parts of the demons and the shadow but the girl remains untouched by the dark. Although she is untouched by the dark on the painting, deep scars fill her body and soul. Her slim features, her filthy brown hair, her terrified blue eyes. Everything is wretched. From the moment the dark entered the painting the little girl became full of dirt and fright.

I look away from the painting. My cheeks are stained with wet tears.

I fall to my knees as the pain takes over in my heart. I feel disgusted, I feel disgusting. My long brown curly hair covers my blue bloodshot eyes. I can't look up. I just cry my heart out. I cry myself out.

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