When Cupid Was Loved By Darkness

Once every year, there is a contest. A contest that whoever wins, will get to be the Chosen Angel for Valentine's Day. Two contenders, Cupid and Dee, are the perfect match, until Dee snaps-and changes the course of Valentine's. For ever.


1. Prologue.

        The young boy and young girl giggled happily as they raced, head-to-head, wing-tip-to-wing-tip, through the early orange and raspberry streaked evening sky. They knew they were close to finishing, so they started to giggle louder, and harder, causing them to falter and clutch their stomachs in glee. Quickly recovering, the young boy grabbed the young girls hands and started to dance with her in the bruised, intangible heavens, and they stared at each other, and stared, and stared and stared, until they felt breathless and needed to stop their fast paced heartbeats.

       "Cupid, this is-this wrong-we can't, not now, not here...We need to finish, don't we? And the Elders, what would they say...This is forbidden, and unruly, we can't possibly do this..." the young girls voice was full of worry, but was laced with a hint of anger and pain brought by the misgivings and the unfortunate love of two soul mates. 

      "Dee...I promise you, nothing, nothing, will come between us. Understand?" Cupid, his light blond hair twinkling in the rising moonlight, honey skin smooth and loveable, was in an easy grin-his lovers, on the other hand, was infected with the poison of possibility that they would not allowed to love each other, and that was what pushed her to the edge.. Tears sparkled in her dark eyes, tainted with hatred and rage. "Dee? Dee! Listen to me-I love you!" 

       But Cupid's pleas were too late, anything to change her back, was gone, misted into the air like a bat in the morning light.

       Once again, February 14th would be ruled by the angel of love. Now, Cupid would be left guilty in knowing that he would never see the Dee that he once knew.

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