When Cupid Was Loved By Darkness

Once every year, there is a contest. A contest that whoever wins, will get to be the Chosen Angel for Valentine's Day. Two contenders, Cupid and Dee, are the perfect match, until Dee snaps-and changes the course of Valentine's. For ever.


2. Chapter One.

        "Mistress, are you even listening? Please, I implore you to read this latest article in the newspaper!" 

        "Fine, Eli. And I've told you before, stop calling me Mistress!" Darkness-once known as pale little Dee-fluttered her wings with annoyance, and snatched the newspaper out of her companions hand. Darkness was distracted, and did not pay attention to the inked, printed e-words on the paper before her. "Hey, Eli, there's the Angel's Ball coming up soon, want to go with me? Sure you do, you're great at dancing and I know you've always wanted to see inside that old place. Come on, we need to get some stuff together, like suits and dresses and crap like that. What d'ya say, huh?" Eli looked reluctant, and his eyes spoke of tiredness, but still, the young man nodded. 

        "Now, will you please read the paper Miss-Darkness. It is rather important." Darkness rolled her eyes, but did as requested.

"Love is in the air, as everyone is preparing for Valentine's Day next month. Everything is kicking off, and everyone-"      


"-is in high spirits. It seems as if Cupid is working his magic all over us, as new couples start to appear more and more infatuated with each passing day."

Cupid, not changed much in the few years he had last seen her, sighed heavily, and chucked the crisp newspaper on the fire, where it instantly erupted in a fizzing blue flame. "Cue, what's up? It's the Angel's Ball in two weeks times, and you look like a moose with stomach ache. C'mon, let's go get some more food, I'm starving!" Cupid could not help but smile meekly at his-well, he wasn't quite sure yet. Something on the verge of either a good friend or someone just to tag along with. Still, there was no denying the fact that Summer Winters was pretty. Not as pretty as Dee, but still, pretty.

        Cupid sighed, and walked through the big house to the garden, where, yet again, a garden party was taking place. "Oh Cupid, come here, my boy! I've got someone here that wants to meet you, isn't that right dear? Now, I know her wings are slightly more white than our creamy ones-but please, make a good first impression!" Venus, Cupids mother, whispered the last sentence, and pushed between her son's wings toward a girl around seventeen-a year younger than him, Cupid guessed. He noted that she looked slightly nervous, and rather afraid of something.

        "Uh-hey. Name's Lorna. Lorna Port." Cupid nodded, and stuck out his hand for her to shake-Lorna shook it rather timidly, like you'd expect a mouse or other small, furry rodent to be. "Cupid, right? I, uh-just wanted to say, uh-thanks. Uh, yeah. Thanks." She smiled nervously, and started to back away, even though she hadn't quite gotten her point across.


        "Oh! I uh-thanks for getting my parents together. And my, um-brother. Yes, brother with his wife. Yeah. Thanks." Cupid smiled graciously. "You'd better thank my Mother, Venus, for those pairings. I wasn't quite yet old enough, I suppose, for the grace of those jobs."  There we go. A normal, shy smile, that looked young and innocent on Lorna's sweet, beaming face.

        "Yes, I suppose so. Well, thank you so very much anyways. Goodbye, Cupid." Shaking her hand, Cupid watch her turn and beat her swan wings up and down, causing a little gust of wind to blow in his face. Lorna flew well, despite her mumbling dialect. She seemed nice.

        "Sir...Cupid. There appears to be a dark angel awaiting for you at the door. She seems rather, as the youth would say, pissed off. I'd advise you go quickly."









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