The Super Humans

Not all superheroes have powers. They don't all fly, shoot lasers from their eyes or have super ninja abilities (although those are pretty cool).
Some heroes are different. Some heroes are born with or come into what normal people call 'disabilities' but they turn them into 'abilities'.
Not normal humans, but Super Humans. (I made the character profile images myself)


11. The Mission

21:00 - Everyone piled into the van and Grim drove them to the lab 200 miles away.

23:00 - Arrival at destination

"Right, everyone ready?" Grim glanced at each member of the team and they all nodded in reply, "Good. Jack, you stay here with the laptop. Remember, you knock out the CCTV for us and get the blueprints. I'll be on comms to you the whole time ok? Everyone else, lets go."

The team clambered out of the van and into the darkness. Grim, Sarge and Mole waited at the gate as Lock snuck round the back. They could see the front door and the cameras panning the parameter.
"Jack, can you hear me?" Grim whispered into her comms.
"Yeah I hear you Grim." Jack replied.
"Be ready, Lock is entering the vent now."

Lock stared at the vent; it was smaller than she thought it would be but nothing she couldn't handle. She bent down and pulled the grate off, placing it on the ground. She took a deep breath and quickly with a pop, dislocated her shoulders and arms and wriggled into the vent. She used her legs to push her way through the narrow space until she saw a light; the end of the vent tunnel. It took her ten minutes but she did it. She popped her left arm back in and used it to open the grate and pull herself out. She stood up straight, popped her right arm back in and stretched herself out.
"I'm in guys, I see the door. I'm opening it now, tell Jack to turn off the cameras." Lock whispered into comms.

"Good work Lock! I knew you could do it. We're on our way!" Grim breathed a sigh of relief, "Jack, time to go dark. Turn off the cameras."

"Yes boss." Jack began his hack into the CCTV system and codes flashed across his screen. The numbers and letters circulated through Jack's brain and he typed speedily several virus programs into their systems before he found the file he was looking for. "Grim, I'm in. I'm in the system. I can see everything. I have the floor plan and I'm turning off the Go! Go! Go! Their firewalls are re-building as we speak. You have an hour tops before they turn back on."

"You heard the man, go!" Grim, Sarge and Mole made their way to the front door which slid open revealing Lock behind it. They entered the building and the door closed behind them. No going back now.
"Jack, can you hear me? Where are we going?"
"Ok Grim, the lab you're looking for is Lab C23 which is the floor below you. You need to find the lift then corridor...fzt.."
"Hello? Jack? You're breaking up! Jack? Dammit. Ok guys, we have no contact with anyone outside this building. It's just us. You heard what he said, we need to find the lift. I don't know how in this darkness, when he switched off the CCTV he must have turned off the lights too. We have about 50 minutes give or take so lets go. Stick together."
The team crept down the corridor silently, looking for any sign of a lift but to no avail. Then Mole stopped suddenly.
"Guys, wait."
"What? What is it?" Grim signalled to the others to stop.
"I hear something." Mole concentrated, tried to focus her super heightened hearing on the sound nobody else could hear.
"It''s a hum. I can find the lift!"
"Good job Mole. Take us there." Grim stood behind her and let her lead them. Mole started making clicking noises, using them to create a sonar perspective of the corridor. She may not have been able to see with her eyes but this allowed her to see with her ears. She led them down the corridors, round bends and corners, following the hum until they too could hear it.
"I see it Grim, look over there." Sarge pointed towards the lift and they rushed inside, pressing the down button. They all took a breath as the doors closed and the lift started to go down. It stopped and Mole suddenly sensed something.
"Stop the doors!" She whispered. Grim pushed the 'Hold' button and the doors were stopped from opening.
"What is it Mole?"
"I hear something, voices, clicks... there's people outside the lift...five men...with guns."



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