The Super Humans

Not all superheroes have powers. They don't all fly, shoot lasers from their eyes or have super ninja abilities (although those are pretty cool).
Some heroes are different. Some heroes are born with or come into what normal people call 'disabilities' but they turn them into 'abilities'.
Not normal humans, but Super Humans. (I made the character profile images myself)


10. Mission Objective

"Is she ever coming out?"

"Of course she's coming out. She hasn't got any food in there, she would die if she didn't come out."

"I know that Jack, it was a metaphorical question."

"Well if you knew the answer to your own question, why did you ask it?"

"That's a very good point."

"I know. I'm a genius remember? Sarge look! The door is opening. Told you she's coming out."

Grim had been working for days on end, trying to come up with a game plan. She'd put together this team and they were her responsibility; if they failed, the consequences for them and her father could be fatal.

"Alright everyone, listen up!" Grim emerged from her office holding a bunch of folders and everyone's profiles. The team gathered round Grim and she handed them each a folder.

"I know you're all eager to get out there. You've been training really hard and it's time to put that training to work. Here's the mission:

My Father was investigating a government lab run by Dr Steen, a scientist who'd been given funding to work on cures for Cancer, Ebola and so forth. He claimed that he'd discovered something ground-breaking and went on to use human test subjects. These test subjects were all disabled in some form or another and they all left completely normal with no disabilities whatsoever. My Father was suspicious, this miracle cure seemed too good to be true. So he went in undercover. He has a heart condition and went in posing as a desperate patient. Unfortunately, unlike the others, my Father never came out. Our mission is to get inside, find my Father and find out the deal behind this cure.

Lock, you're in charge of getting us in. The lab is a guarded heavily and there are only two ways to get in, via the vent and via the front door. During the day they have guards outside which is why we are going in at night; they rely on their computer CCTV at night. The vent is very small which is why Lock, you will use your ability to get inside it and find your way to the front door which you will then open for me, Sarge and Mole. Justice Jack, you're in charge of hacking into their systems, knocking out their CCTV and getting the blueprints for the building so we know where we're going. Once we're in, Sarge, you're in charge of finding my Father while me and Mole investigate the drug. We go in, get my Father, get the drug and get out. Got it?" Everyone nodded, "Good. Gear up, we leave at 2100 hours."

"But 2,100 hours is like...days?" Jack said, confused.

"I meant 9:00pm Jack."

"Well why didn't you say that? Nobody says what they actually mean, how are we supposed to know what we're doing?"

Grim smiled at him knowingly.

"You're right Jack. Ok everyone, from now on, we only say what we mean, no riddles. Come on, gear up, we move out at 9:00!"


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