The Super Humans

Not all superheroes have powers. They don't all fly, shoot lasers from their eyes or have super ninja abilities (although those are pretty cool).
Some heroes are different. Some heroes are born with or come into what normal people call 'disabilities' but they turn them into 'abilities'.
Not normal humans, but Super Humans. (I made the character profile images myself)


4. Meet the Super Humans

From different corners of the room, several people emerged. Jack, who was now changed into a black shirt, blue jeans, a tie and a leather waistcoat, popped out from behind the screen. He looked pretty badass. He was followed by a girl with dark skin who wore black and blue and held a long pole in her hand and was making a clicking noise, her eyes were lined but clouded over; she was blind. After her came another girl, pale with red hair like his own and wearing a similar outfit to the blind girl except green... she was beautiful. She smiled at him as she lined up with the others.

"Right, this is our team!" Grim gestured towards the line up and the soldier stood to attention.

"We have Jack, who you've already met. He doesn't have a code-name, it's just Jack. Jack's ability is his autism. He has Asperger Syndrome but is a genius with maths, science, computers, logic and analysis. Now, although this is common with many Autists, Jack's knowledge is unparalleled." Grim smiled fondly at Jack.

"Just Jack huh? Jack, you're not ordinary are you?"

"No I'm not sir. I'm a genius sir."

The soldier smiled.

"Well then surely you're not 'Just Jack'. How about Justice Jack? Bringing criminals to justice with your genius mind? How does that sound?" The soldier had a younger brother with autism, he knew how he hated to be left out. He knew how Jack would probably like to be included in the 'superhero names'. Jack's eyes widened and looked at Grim eagerly. She smiled at the soldier then back at Jack.

"We'll make a change to the profiles. Justice Jack it is. It's nice, has a ring to it. Next we have Chloe aka 'Mole'..."

The blind girl stepped forward,
"Mole had a stroke as a child which left her permanently blind. Her blindness is her ability, it heightened all her other senses to an incredible level. Thank you Chloe. And lastly, Jack's sister, Molly aka 'Lock',"

Chloe stepped back and Molly stepped forward.
"Lock's ability is her hypermobility syndrome. It causes her joints to frequently dislocate. In other words, she's extremely space efficient. She can dislocate her joints in order to fit into tight spaces. Very useful for hiding and retrieving. Everyone," Grim turned to the group and gestured towards the soldier, "This is Sgt. Seth Daniels code-name 'Sarge',"

"And what's my ability, Ma'am?"

"Your legs. Lock? Be a dear and replace the Sarge's legs." Lock nodded and led the soldier behind a screen. When they emerged five minutes later, the Sarge was no longer wearing ordinary prosthetic legs. He was wearing mechanical bionic legs, specially constructed by Jack. 

"What do you think, Sarge?"

The soldier raised an eyebrow and looked to the obstacle course. Grim nodded approval and the soldier ran. He ran all around the base then through the obstacle course. It took him less than a minute, a record time, his best he was sure. And his bionic legs adapted to whatever obstacle he faced. The foot formed grip when climbing the wall, they became streamlined and smooth when he ran and when he faced the vault - something he always hated - one click of the heel and his legs whirred and extended allowing him to jump to an incredible height and over the 10 foot vault. He landed lightly and his legs clicked back into place as he sprinted back to Grim who clicked a stopwatch.

"1 minute 30 seconds. Good, but I bet you can do better."

"Thank you. I mean...they're brilliant...I can run. I feel like me..."

"Soldier, you were always you. You just weren't thinking like you. Your bionic legs adapt to any obstacle, any terrain. You have strength, power, agility. And you're going to help me lead this team. You know my Dad better than anyone."

"So when do we start training?"

"Right now. Like I said, 1 minute 30 is impressive but you can do better." Grim nodded at the group and they dispersed into different training areas of the base. 
"Jack! Are your profiles done yet?"

"It's Justice Jack now and yes they're right here."

"Good, bring them here. Sarge, you're part of our team now. Before we go on this rescue mission, you need to train, get back into shape. Read up on the Profiles of the team Jack...uh Justice Jack has made, including your own. You'll be working with them so you need to know them and their abilities and yours."

"Yes ma'am. Oh and I hope you don't mind me asking but...what's your ability?" 
Grim just smiled and walked away towards the lift. Jack handed Sarge the profiles.
"What's her deal Justice Jack?" Sarge asked him. Jack looked at him sadly and placed the profiles in the Sarge's hands before nodding in the direction of Grim as the lift took her up.

"Rachel Reaper, aka Grim aka The Reaper. Her ability is the tumor eating away at her brain. The reason she's called The Reaper is because she's dying. And that makes her afraid of nothing. She's the risk taker, our leader. Always front line. She is scared of nothing because with death always knocking at her door, what is there for her to be scared of? Here's your profiles. Read them. Memorize them. Welcome to the Super Humans, Sarge."


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