The Super Humans

Not all superheroes have powers. They don't all fly, shoot lasers from their eyes or have super ninja abilities (although those are pretty cool).
Some heroes are different. Some heroes are born with or come into what normal people call 'disabilities' but they turn them into 'abilities'.
Not normal humans, but Super Humans. (I made the character profile images myself)


12. Lab Rats

"Mole, do you think you can take them?"
"Good. Go. Everyone duck." Everyone dropped to the floor as Grim took her hand off the Hold button and the doors opened. Mole took a breath and used all her senses to determine the location of each opposing threat. She gripped her Sight Rod and got into position. 3...2...1... the doors opened and she leapt out to the enemy waiting for her. As soon as she was out, Grim closed the lift doors.
"Grim! What are you doing? We have to help her! She'll be killed! Open the bloody doors!" Sarge yelled at her but Grim stayed calm.
"Have a little faith soldier. She can handle herself." Grim looked at her watch. 30 seconds. Grim opened the doors of the lift and Sarge pushed his way out and looked on in shock. Five guards lay sprawled out on the floor unconscious and in the middle of them all stood Mole, completely fine.
"Woah...impressive." Sarge picked up one of the guard's guns and gripped it firmly.
"Well done Mole. You good?" Grim led Mole out of the way.
"I'm good."
"Good. Come on then guys, Lab C23 and Jack said something about a hospital corridor so be on the look out. We have 40 minutes."

They made their way down the hall, checking each door and looking out for any guards. The Sarge had been watching Grim, the way she encouraged each team member and recognised their abilities, how she stood behind Mole and let her take the lead. He admired her greatly and he could see how much she was like her Father.

"Hey! I found it. Guys look, C23." Lock stopped and pointed at a metal door, bolted and rusted.

"Well done Lock. Question is, how do we get in?" Grim looked around for something to beat the door down with but the halls were empty. Then the Sarge had an idea. He stepped forward, tensed his muscles and with one fluid movement, took a high kick to the door, his bionic legs adapting to the pressure and juddering as they made contact with the door which flew off its hinges. Grim grinned at the soldier who was looking pretty pleased with himself.
"Good work soldier. This is the lab, Mole and I will try and find the drug. You and Lock go find out what happened to my Father. Check the hospital corridor Jack mentioned. 20 minutes." Grim and Mole disappeared into the lab while Sarge and Lock searched for the Hospital corridor.

For some reason it felt kind of awkward between them. He'd tried to ignore it but there was just something about her that he connected to.
"You want to ask me something?" Lock said, taking Sarge by surprise, "Don't beat around the bush, just ask."
"Does it hurt? When know...dislocate?"
"Every time?"
"Yes." She said quietly then she stopped walking and stood still. Sarge stopped and turned to face her.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"You don't think I'm a freak, do you?"
"What? Course not! I'd be a bloody hypocrite if I did."
"It's just...people look at me...with pity. When I'm walking and I collapse because my leg pops, when I'm in a wheelchair the looks I get because I'm young and restricted...I would hate for you to look at me that way."
And that's when the soldier realised what it was he saw in her; he saw the pain. The same pain he felt every day and the struggle and the determination. The hope. He looked at her as she stood in the shadows, she seemed much smaller now, more vulnerable without the rest of the team to feed her confidence. Sarge approached her and looked into her eyes, not with pity but with understanding.
"You're not a freak, Molly. And I don't pity you. I respect you. You're beautiful."
Then he leaned in and kissed her. The whole world came to a stand still and suddenly it was just him and her. He pulled away and she smiled at him. Then her smile dropped.
"What's wrong? Is it me? Was that stupid?" Sarge started to panic but she calmed him down.
"No...look. Behind you... it's the hospital corridor."

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