Baby Lashton

{sequel to Diary of A Drummer}

It's one year later, Luke and Ashton are now married "happily", and they have a son, named Lashton. They couldn't decide on a name so they decided to collide their first names.

Lashton Hemmings Irwin.

He's for sure the cutest, sweetest child ever, but is that enough to save Luke and Ashton's relationship from jeopardy?


9. chapter 9

My sleep was ruined by yelling and screaming. I thought I was at Michael and Calum's. I got out of the bed, about to walk out of the room, but then I realized I was naked. I sighed, pulling on some boxers and pants.

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, only to find Michael and Calum on the kitchen counter getting down and dirty. My eyes widened and I quickly left the scene.

I ran up the stairs again and into my room. So much for a nice belated birthday. I'm never gonna get that scarring image out of my head.

I sighed as I dove back under the blankets, feeling around for my phone, finding it under my pillow. I unlocked it and find that I have 57 unread iMessages from Luke and Ashton.

I sent a group message to Ashton and Luke saying, Hey dads, I'm at Uncle Calum and Uncle Michael's house. I'm okay. I spent the night here and I'm spending the day with them. Love you guys <3

I sighed. I didn't want to deal with anything and the only thing I could think about was the scarring scene in the kitchen. They're screaming was still audible and it was annoying. They obviously didn't realise how loud it was.

I think that it's about time that I finally get relief.

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