Baby Lashton

{sequel to Diary of A Drummer}

It's one year later, Luke and Ashton are now married "happily", and they have a son, named Lashton. They couldn't decide on a name so they decided to collide their first names.

Lashton Hemmings Irwin.

He's for sure the cutest, sweetest child ever, but is that enough to save Luke and Ashton's relationship from jeopardy?


8. chapter 8

As I waited for Calum and Michael it had begun to rain, so I was currently sitting in their air conditioned car while I sit in a pool of water that had dripped off of my soaked body.

Shivers covered my entire body as the ice cold air covered my body. "Uncle Calum, or Uncle Michael, can one of you turn the air conditioner off?" I asked.

"Sorry, kiddo. The car is messed up and the air conditioner doesn't turn off." Michael said sheepishly. "But here, have my blanket.

I smiled, taking it from him and tightly wrapping the wool blanket around me.

"We know it's your birthday today. We didn't forget. We have some presents for you at the house. We're hoping you'll spend the night, we really want to do something with you tomorrow since you're having a bad day today. How's that sound?" Calum asked, keeping his eyes on the wet road.

"I'll spend the night. I don't really want to go home. And yeah, we can hang out tomorrow, that'll be nice." I said. I leaned forward and grabbed Michael and Calum's intertwined hands in my own. "I love you guys." I said.

"We love you, too." They said in unison.

When we got to the house, they had me take a shower before I could open my presents.

They got me a onesie and a beanie. I thanked them before going into the bathroom and putting the onesie over my cold body and the beanie over my damp hair.

When I walked out, they let out "aww's" before pulling me into a hug.

"I'm gonna go to bed, I'm really tired. Thank you for everything." I said to Calum and Michael.

"Okay, Lashton. Goodnight." They said in unison.

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