Baby Lashton

{sequel to Diary of A Drummer}

It's one year later, Luke and Ashton are now married "happily", and they have a son, named Lashton. They couldn't decide on a name so they decided to collide their first names.

Lashton Hemmings Irwin.

He's for sure the cutest, sweetest child ever, but is that enough to save Luke and Ashton's relationship from jeopardy?


22. Chapter 22

Ashton's POV

I was driving back from Calum and Michael's house.

I came up on the bridge, slowing down like usual.

I looked over, out my window, and saw a boy on the ledge. I slowed my car to a stop, but just as I started to get out, he jumped.

I ran over to the ledge, panic coursing through my veins. When I looked over, the body was underwater, but I could make out a face through the clear water.

It was Luke.

I quickly pulled out my phone and called 911.

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