Baby Lashton

{sequel to Diary of A Drummer}

It's one year later, Luke and Ashton are now married "happily", and they have a son, named Lashton. They couldn't decide on a name so they decided to collide their first names.

Lashton Hemmings Irwin.

He's for sure the cutest, sweetest child ever, but is that enough to save Luke and Ashton's relationship from jeopardy?


17. Chapter 17

I woke up to the sound of moaning. Like, sexual moaning. The only other person in the room is Bea.

I turned over to find her laying on my desk masturbating. "Holy shi-" I was cut off by her gasping and pulling her hand away, but she knew I had already seen.

"Oh, uh, Lashton... you're awake..." It was obvious that she was embarrassed, but I would be lying if I said that I didn't have a boner.

"Did you finish?" I asked. She shook her head slowly. "Well, let me help you with that." I smirked.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Sit on my face." I demanded. Her mouth fell open in shock, but she nodded and came towards the bed.

Her small figure slowly approached me. My hands found her hips, my fingers slipping into her sweatpants, slowly peeling them off until they pooled around her ankles. She was left in a simple tank top and neon pink, boy short underwear.

I sat at the edge of the bed and pulled her body towards me. I placed her on my knee before slowly beginning to tap my foot to create friction between her and my sweats. She moaned with each time she bounced up and down on my leg, moaning my name loudly.

"Shh, baby, we need to keep quiet." I whispered into her ear. She nodded and whimpered, telling me to continue.

She groaned in frustration when I pulled her off of my knee. I tugged her panties off and laid her back down on the bed. I slowly pulled her legs apart, peppering her thighs with tiny kisses, slowly get closer and closer to her sensitive area.

I finally placed a small kiss to her clit, she squirmed beneath me. I licked a stripe up her center. She arched her back, brining her hands to my hair and pulling it. I swirled my tongue in circles around her clit before making my way to her opening.

I snaked my tongue in, making her moan and squirm above underneath me.

She moaned my name as my tongue curled into her g-spot. My tongue worked at her aching heat until she was squirting into my mouth and onto my chin.

I pulled away and wiped my chin, sucking her juices off of my hand. "Baby, you taste so good." I bit my lip.

She smiled before taking notice of my boner, which I tried to cover with my hands. "Let me help you with that." She grinned, tugging my hands away. She tugged my jeans off and began to paw at my erection through my boxers. I grasped her wrist as I moaned. I pulled her hand away.

"Bea, I just need to taste you again." I whimpered.

I lowered her down on me again, but this time her bum was by my face instead.

She took my hard on into her mouth, starting slowly, as I devoured her again. I could feel her stomach clenching above me. It was obvious that she was already getting close to her climax, as was I.

I soon felt myself twitch in her mouth and I felt the hot strings of cum pour into her hot mouth. Before she could swallow, she came all over my face.

I gasped. "You squirter!" I exclaimed, wiping her cum off my entire face.

She gasped in shock when she turned around. "Oh my god, I did that?" She exclaimed. I nodded, sucking my fingers. I hummed in satisfaction.

"That was nice." She sighed.

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