Baby Lashton

{sequel to Diary of A Drummer}

It's one year later, Luke and Ashton are now married "happily", and they have a son, named Lashton. They couldn't decide on a name so they decided to collide their first names.

Lashton Hemmings Irwin.

He's for sure the cutest, sweetest child ever, but is that enough to save Luke and Ashton's relationship from jeopardy?


16. chapter 16

She snuggled deeper into my chest as he cuddled in my bed. She's been sleeping ever since we got back.

I heard her mumble incoherent words in her sleep as she stirred lightly. Out of the few words that I could make out I knew she was having a panic attack in her sleep.

It was a very common thing for her. She can't stop it from happening.

She was raised in a broken home, by a drunken family trying to get speed. We met in school. And when I met her, she was sitting against the wall at the local library, crying, tracing the cuts on her wrist. Her hair was in a braid that had loose pieces of hair.

We were on the fifteenth floor, the very top. The only reason people ever come to the top is to jump. I know from experience.

Luke and Ashton would drop me off ere for an hour after school each day.

I knew the library better than anyone. It was my safe place.

That was until she left and I fell under the influence of drugs; speed, cigarettes, pot, etc. and I couldn't pull myself away from it.

I realise I was just like the people that almost killed my best friends.

I made myself stop. No matter how much I craved it. It was ok for me to smoke, but the other stuff was a definite no.

She finally stopped wriggling around atop me. Relaxing and dreaming peacefully again.

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