Grace & Connie Beauchamp


2. 'Who's your baby, me or this job?'

Connie returned to her office to find Grace sat on the sofa; Connie sat at her desk and turned her chair to face Grace

‘Well are you going to tell me what happened then?’ Connie said in a disappointed voice to her daughter

‘I’m sorry, it was Mia, she was saying stuff and it wound me up, so I hit her!’

‘Hit her? Grace! Your 14, you can’t go round hitting people! You know what, I don’t know what you want any more Grace! You didn’t like boarding school so I bring you home then when I send you to a private school near home you kick off! What is it you want Grace?!’Connie said in a raised voice

‘What I want?! I want my mum to bother with me! I hated boarding school because I missed you but when I came home you never bother with me! I cant remember the last time you told me you loved me or the last time you gave me a hug’ Grace said to her mum

‘Grace, your 14! You will only be my priority if your lying on a bed in resus do you understand?! Now go home!’ Connie shouted to her daughter while passing her the keys ‘I’ll be home later’

Grace stood up and grabbed the keys from Connie and walked towards the door

‘Fine, I’ll go, but I want to know, who’s you baby, me or this job?!’ Grace said feeling hurt by what her mother said. She slammed the door after her and walked out the ED, her head down but she was very hard not to notice because of how smart she looked. No one but Cal knew Grace existsed, Cal hadn’t told anyone when he found it. Cal was stood outside the ED on his brake.

‘Thanks for finding my mum before’ Grace said as she walked past Cal

‘No problem, nice to meet you, Grace’ Cal said before heading back into the ED

Grace took the 10 minute walk home, when she arrived home she went straight to the storage cupboard in the big home and picked up the bleach.

Back at the ED Connie was sat in her office, she couldn’t stop thinking about what her daughter had said to her, she dug into her paper work to distract herself.

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