Grace & Connie Beauchamp


4. 'When did i stop being that mum?'

Connie had not heard the news yet that her daughter was alive and stable, she was locked away in her office still, she had managed to compose herself but was still an emotional wreck. There were 3 photos on Connie’s desk, one of her and Grace taken years and years ago and another of Grace which was taken recently. Cal knocked on her office door and Connie went to open it.

‘I heard about Grace, are you okay?’ Cal said to his boss

‘Come in’ Said Connie closing the door after Cal entered

‘she will be okay’ Said Cal

‘How do you know that?’ Said Connie with tears running down her face

‘if she’s anything like you, she’s gonna be absolutely fine’

‘She said she couldn’t remember the last time I told her I loved her Cal’ said Connie all worked up

‘She didn’t mean it’

Connie nodded ‘she did, trust me, look’ Connie walked over to her desk and picked up the photo of her and Grace taken a few years ago ‘when did I stop being that mum? Grace is right, I haven’t given her a hug in months and I haven’t told her I loved her in weeks, what kind of mum does that make me?!’Said Connie as she cried

‘Hey, hey’ Cal said as he stood up ‘Come here’ he said as he hugged Connie. Connie held on to Cal tightly after a few minutes of them hugging, Connie lifted her face and looked straight at Cal. Cal leant into Connie, Connie then leant into Cal, they kissed before Zoe knocked on the door, Connie’s blinds were shut so she saw nothing. Cal moved away from Connie so Zoe wouldn’t suspect to much.

‘Come in’ Said Connie, Zoe walked through the door ‘Zoe, Grace how is she? Tell me shes okay?’

‘Shes stable, she isn’t awake yet but she is stable enough to be moved so were going to put her on the children ward up stairs, were moving as soon as Max arrives to take her so we have more space in resus’ Said Zoe

‘Okay, I’ll be with you in 2 minutes’ said Connie ‘and Zoe…’ Zoe turned around to face Connie ‘Thank you..’ Connie said giving Zoe a kind look

‘No problem’ said Zoe walking out of the door and shuting it behimd herself

Connie stood up and walked towards the door and smiled at Cal ‘Thank you’ she mouthed to him as she walked out of her office to resus. Connie walked over to her daughter, who she knew was very ill, she stroked Grace’s hair away from her face and placed a kiss on her forehead. Max then walked through the door.

‘Zoe, is it Grace you want moving?’ Said Max

‘Yeah, please’ Zoe replied

Max took the end of Grace’s bed and pulled it towards the door and into the lift, Connie walked beside her daughters bed and refused to leave her side. Grace, Max, Connie & Robyn arrived at the Childrens ward, Robyn checked Grace in then headed back down to the ED with Max. Connie say at her daughters bedside, praying her daughter would wake up…

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